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Any intelligent marketer believes in generating higher organic traffic as compared to paid or promoted traffic. The importance of the same is paramount in the online industry.

Organic traffic means more loyal readers, followers and customers. Organic traffic are the people who reach your website through genuine search queries and are interested in the type of content you offer.

To amplify your organic traffic, you need to analyze your site performance in real time. This involves numbers and statistics shown by certain tools like Google Analytics.

But I always look for more comprehensive tools to help in analyzing my site performance and boosting organic traffic.

Recently I found out one such simple but comprehensive tool:

Once you sign up, they will send you a traffic report every week. This report will contain the analysis of the past search traffic and deliver key SEO metrics and even specific suggestions for increasing organic traffic. We will look into these metrics in detail, a little further.

Technical Involvement

With, you don’t have to worry about using any complex tools or having any knowhow about SEO tools and apps. They will send you a detailed analysis every week from which you can pick up key points directly and start working on them.

Simple Account Management

There is not much you need to manage and there are absolutely no complex forms and details that you have to fill up. Your account contains information about your subscription along with:

  • The websites you have registered to be analyzed.
  • The emails you have registered as recipients to receive the reports.

It is quite easy to manage and implement.

SEO Report Account Configuration

As you can see, you can easily add accounts and email addresses and save the changes. The reports will be sent to all the recipients entered in the respective boxes.

It is a simple process. No Rocket science to it. That is what I like about it. There are no silly verifications by code or no patches have to be added to your site’s HTML whatsoever!

Insights To Boost Traffic

SEO Report Sample

This is a sample report you can find on the home page of The reports sent to your email are more detailed in nature.

>Some key insights offered are:

  • Your impressions: How many people actually scrolled down your link.
  • Exact number of clicks: How many people clicked on your links.
  • Average Position: The average Search Engine Ranking.
  • The Click Through Rate (CTR).

Some elements like Position on Search Engines is not shown on standard tools like Google Analytics.

This gives you a precise idea of where you are and what you should do to get ahead.

Keyword Based Metrics

Towards the bottom you can see the keywords that people have entered and found your site as the result. From here you can see the keywords, which you are performing on. These are keywords you should develop your campaign around.

You also see keywords that are low performing. You can modify or remove such keywords according to your strategy.

SEO Report Sample 2

You also get reports regarding your website optimization like broken links, missing alt tags, keyword suggestions and landing page suggestions to boost your organic traffic.

Such metrics and detailed insights allow you to:

  • Choose the right keyword mix for your content strategy.
  • Analyze and improve your link portfolio for better search rankings.
  • Find out sections of your campaign that are performing and boost them further.
  • Find out what your target audience type in search queries.
  • Ultimately boost your organic traffic.


I believe is a comprehensive yet simple tool. With easy to understand reports generated automatically on a weekly basis, it helps online business people in boosting their search engine rankings and attracting more organic traffic. I hope you do try it and if you like it, get the premium membership, which is quite cheap!

Do share your experiences, doubts and other suggestions in the comments.


Chitraparna Sinha is the Director @ Esmee Network, a new age content development and marketing platform for online entrepreneurs.

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