SEO Audit and How Important It Is

Many times, people tend to think of automating the entire course when doing their site’s SEO audit. Well, according to, automation may be appropriate to some extent, but not the best regarding a successful SEO audit. What is more important to note here is that going it manually in your SEO audit will not take much of your time. In the actual sense, you will only need an hour, on average, to perform an SEO audit of a 100-paged website. Hence, spending an hour trying to do an SEO audit of your site, as an online market, isn’t denying you a fortune, right?

SEO Audit And How Important It Is

How to carry out an SEO audit of your site

For you to determine whether every penny you invested in your site’s SEO campaign is doing great for you, you must be prepared to carry out an SEO audit of your site. While there may be an endless list of SEO audit tool online, it is vital to ensure an effective review by going it manual. Why should you do manual SEO auditing of your site? As it were, the reason is simply that whoever will be doing the audit will be an actual person and something programmed.

One may argue that automation saves time and energy, but you must also understand that these online tools are programmed. In which case, these programs cannot be as accurate as the traditional method of auditing (manual data mining).

Focus on your keywords as the initial step

In any given successful SEO campaign, keywords form the base. Thus, during an SEO audit of your site, it is important to concentrate on your site. You do not need to dwell on an overall keyword record; however, you will be required to construct your perspective and look at the few key phrases that form the basis of your site.
For instance, if you want to conduct an SEO audit for a mobile company like Apple; it will be unnecessary for you to target the various keywords associated with the company and follow all the results that are being displayed. The best thing would be to target a few key phrases such as:

  • Apple iPhone
  • MacBook Pro
  • iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • MacBook

 The point here is that it is outright easier to monitor primary keywords. In this case, you will not be concentrating on determining the keywords to target, but you will be more concerned about how high your site is ranking for certain key phrases. Hence, the best way to achieve the best results would be to focus only on the keywords that form the basis of your brand and which can be accessed with ease.

Below are a few questions to give you a clue:

  • What keyphrases SHOULD you appear in the results of search engines?
  • What message does your brand relay?
  • What product do you deal in?
  • Who do you figure as your competitors?

Thus, always focus on 2 to 3 workable phrases and not more.

In case you are doing an audit for a small business, things will be slightly different as when you want to do SEO auditing for a bigger business. The most important aspect here is that as a professional, you must be able to identify the keywords you will be targeting before commencing your SEO audit process.

Bottom line – SEO audit is very important and keeping track of your site’s performance in search engine results is the best reward you can give to business. At, they understand how much you want to maintain your top position in search engine results. Well, it is for this and other reasons that we recommend starting with the Google’s Keyword Tool when planning to conduct your site’s SEO audit.

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