HOW TO: Sell Your Used Cars Online Easily

Having an old car? You are not picky about the saying “Old is Gold”? Then we have a solution to get rid of your old used cars. This will not be a tricky process like you think or like you are thinking because sites like Netcars are there for rescue. They will give awesome exposure to your cars and enable it to reach masses. is a used car classified website based in the UK that lists over 100,000 used cars for sale. We have recently secured a significant investment from David Crossland, the Airtours Founder and the funds will be used to staff the business, develop the website, recruit car dealers and drive consumer awareness.


Selling Your Used Cars Online

Well, there are two ways for this. Either you can sell your car for £15 or leave two used car reviews and get yours listed for free, means you don’t need to pay that £15.

1. Go to “Sell My Car” section and enter your car registration number there.

You can also try selecting the Manufacturer, Model and than the Trim that matches your vehicle which will allow the system to automatically fill some of the form in for you.

2. Enter the Vehicle description to appear on advertisement. Make sure you show your best work here. Give as much information as possible to improve your chances of selling. After entering everything, click on the “Continue” and proceed. That’s all, it’s pretty simple actually.

Netcars Sell

When the deal is done, make sure you both agree a payment method that is both safe and trusted. Try to avoid cheques and money transfer services – the potential for fraud and losing all your money is very high with these methods. The best way is to receive cash in hand – then you can let the car go knowing you have the money in your hands and not waiting for it a couple of weeks down the line.

Tip : Clean your old used car and consider yourself as a buyer, the ability to see a picture of your car is of paramount importance. Try and take at least three pictures of your car – after you’ve cleaned it – and make sure they are from different angles to really show your cars’ lines off.

That’s all? Nope, we have two other interesting sections

CarAdvisor – Real Advice from Read People

This is an interesting section which contains latest Car Reviews. You can go by Car Reviews by Brand or Car Reviews by Model. Hope you didn’t forget the thing I shared earlier, for every two reviews you submit, you can advertise your next car on their search engine for FREE!

Don’t wait, go there and become an expert Car Advisor in the Netcars community.

Netcars Motoring Blog – Automotive News and Updates

Am a big fan of cars and the games related to it. I was able to get some cool updates on these fields here. You can also create your own blog here and start updating. Don’t forget to check this section if you are into cars and stuffs!

Do you know any other cool website for selling used cars online? Do share them below as comments.

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  1. These type of information should be more helpful to all the people in the world wide. And, now only i knew about that web site.

  2. That looks like a better service than when I tried to sell a car on eBay years ago—just to see what would happen (it didn't in the end). I had so many poor/scam calls and offers and we had to be really careful who we spoke to and how the transaction progressed.

  3. Cool! Netcars seem to be useful when it comes to getting rid of our Old Gold, but I noticed it is UK based. I do not know if it has a possibility of international buying-selling relations, so I will have to additionally check it out. Also, I am curious how the prices of old cars are managing on other markets.
    Thanks for the share!

  4. Internet has developed so much! what a virtual world this is. if I had a car I would have kept this site in mind for sure 🙂

    thanks for the method though


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