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Receive Faxes Online for Free With a Free Fax Number CocoFax


When it comes to business communication, there has been an extraordinary change in the way businesses communicate. While the communication has been evolving with a rapid pace, faxes have always retained a special place owing to the security and relevance of its messaging.

Receive Faxes Online For Free With A Free Fax Number CocoFax

Faxes have evolved for the better. You no longer need to buy a fax machine or head to the office for sending or receiving the fax. Now, online fax number have provided the impetus that businesses needed. It is a totally wireless and reformative way to receive and send business communication.

When it comes to online fax services, you can Click CocoFax here to see how hassle free and amazing sending and receiving a fax could be. CocoFax has become a corporate favourite. There are many providers of online fax services, but none provide as perfect an interface as CocoFax.

 CocoFax- Perfect Online Faxing Service

Cocofax is an immensely dynamic online faxing service. It is compatible with any laptop, desktop, mobile and extends its services on any internet compatible device. Amidst a stern competition in the online faxing services market, CocoFax retains a perfect position.

Cocofax is used worldwide and its services are widely acclaimed by corporations far and wide. CocoFax can even be used in an extremely picky device like Mac (a device that seldom supports even the most basic utilities).

Cocofax better than online faxing apps

You would discover many online faxing apps if you happen to search them on the internet. The search results would be bewildering. The other applications offer false claims and so called ‘free demos’.  They literally put your time and effort to the test. 

You should prefer Cocofax over other remote faxing softwares. There are some vital features that CocoFax has that make it most preferred:

Extensive Use

Any platform that has internet connectivity is good enough to use this online faxing application. Whether it be a laptop, desktop, mobile or any other internet compatible device, CocoFax can be used on any platform. 

There is no paucity of options and alternatives that you can use CocoFax on. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can receive and send faxes in a totally remote manner. 


Fax are preferred because of their security as a business communication tool. When the final outcome is that of the perfect fax document, you cannot just trust any other application available on the internet. 

Cocofax is a trusted platform and corporations around the world rely on this platform to make sending and receiving faxes a very safe and secure process. There is no leakage of any crucial data or information. Hence, it is extremely trustworthy and safe. 

30 day Free Trial

Another advantage of using Cocofax is that it offers a 30 day free trial. It is the time when you can test the app and your compatibility with the platform. It is a good enough time to judge the viability of the app. Unlike other false claimants, this is a completely free period.

If you do not find CocoFax a compatible application, you can cancel the subscription before the end of the 30 day free trial. However, once you do try the CocoFax app, no other application will be good enough for you. 

Delivery Notification

Sending and receiving faxes was never so easy. CocoFax intimates the user of the application immediately on successful delivery or receipt of a fax. There are also multiple methods of using CocoFax. The application does not bottleneck usage through only a single prescribed way. 

Receive Faxes Online For Free

When you opt for an online faxing service alternative like CocoFax, you do not have to invest in a fax machine or worry about its installation. The application is so perfectly embedded into its functions ensuring that receipt of faxes is prompt and perfect. 

There are many ways in which you can use CocoFax. The application also provides a free fax number so you do not have to worry about applying for a fax number. All you need is a CocoFax account and you are sorted about everything that is fax related. 

If you use the CocoFax software, all your received faxes will appear in the software. All faxes are received in pdf format. So, no matter what was the file type in which the faxes were sent, they are received only in pdf.

Further, when you use an email account to set up your CocoFax account, you will get an email notification whenever you receive a new fax. This way, with your inbox intimating you about receipt of a fax, you never miss a fax.

Be it a corporation, small business or an individual, opening a CocoFax account will offer you more operational leverage. You can click CocoFax here to know how using this online faxing software can take your faxing worries away.

There is a reason why companies and corporations worldwide rely upon CocoFax with their online fax number. It is the perfect mode of ensuring that the faxes are sent and received in a way that ensures safety of fax conduct. 

Online fax services like CocoFax save a lot of cost and add a lot of functional value to your business communication. You do not have to fret over the hassle of applying for a fax number, buying a fax machine, looking forward to an installation. All you need is a CocoFax account.

Creating a CocoFax account will not take you longer than 10 odd minutes. The benefit of a 30 days free trial also offers you the perfect insight into the functioning of this online faxing service. The application has retained a massive corporate following by virtue of its services. 

With just a CocoFax account, you save so much of your time and money. You also ensure the security of conduct of your messages. There is no other better mode and method of ensuring perfect sending and receiving of faxes than CocoFax. 


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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