3 Reasons Why You Should Consider eTray Workflow Management Software for Your Business

Effective workflow management is the only way you can clock in constant and effective customer support. If you want to establish and maintain a competitive edge, then optimizing client interactions is the best place to start. 

The primary aim of workflow management is to improve service delivery, which ties into expanding your horizon, providing multi-channel support, better consumer experience, better monitoring, and task tracking. 

The fundamental question is, which workflow software guarantees you get all these features consolidated into one utility package? The short answer, eTray support desk software. 

What is eTray Workflow Software?

A product of Nexcom Global, this nifty help desk software is a one-stop-shop for all your workflow management needs. eTray provides a centralized solution that optimizes your service centers, automates your operational processes, and makes the help desk easily accessible. You are looking at an intuitive system that provides the perfect platform to improve brand reputation by laying out an efficient management structure. 

In practice, eTray gives you the scalability you need to organize customer queries systematically. This software handles, sorts through, and store large volumes of data effortlessly, then distributes these concerns to the relevant agents for resolution. What you get here is a management system that facilitates effective operations while still ensuring sensitive customer data remains safe. 

Discretion is a fundamental aspect of brand perception, so any software that guarantees information safety already has a competitive edge. 

eTray is also easy to use, accessible and efficient. It consolidates all your customer interaction tools into one convenient location, allowing you to monitor, track and resolve client concerns with relative ease. This Nexcom software is the best solution for companies looking to streamline customer interactions and provide a unique client experience while at it. You can now take control of how you want your customers to relate to your brand. 

Key Benefits of eTray Workflow Software

Improves Engagement/Workflow Organization

Automation of redundant tasks, FAQs, and an improved knowledge base enables clients to resolve menial concerns without having to engage with an agent. This is because eTray gives customers access to a vast knowledge base that answers frequently asked questions. This resource gives your help desk agents more time to engage with clients who have genuine and complex concerns. 

Up to 70% of customers prefer talking to an actual agent as opposed to a support bot, so the higher your engagement rate, the better your reviews on brand perception. This perk is not just limited to client-brand interactions. This workflow management software also helps monitor and track agent progress. The above knowledge base is also a prime resource for agents to allow better service delivery. 

Better Operational Efficiency

Manual workflow management is a very time-consuming and cost-intensive process. The amount of time and resources companies waste sifting through and resolving issues by hand is obscene. This management software automates 90% of your work processes through a system that distributes information to correct data points. This means that every piece of data is packaged and delivered where it should be, is addressed and resolved by the relevant agent. 

The value of this system is it creates an effective structure that prevents double ticketing and ensures no customer queries fall through the cracks. eTray also categorizes agents based on effectiveness, essentially providing you with a scorecard for how your support desk and customers interact. 

This software simplifies your task handling, effectively making it easier for you to operate and run your business. 

Improves Customer Experience

Lastly, any improvement in operational efficiency seeks to achieve one goal-customer satisfaction. Your product may be top-class, but how well you interact with your clientele will significantly affect purchasing decisions in the future. Good customer experience doesn’t just increase your revenue by up to 80%-it also gives you an edge over your competition. 

eTray allows you to create a relationship with your customers by providing multi-channel support and a 24/7 help desk. This software also facilitates cloud support for remote access, which means that your support desk can operate from anywhere. This one-stop CX shop merges everything you need to provide an excellent customer journey and ensure streamlined operations. 

Bottom Line

The workflow software you choose will depend on your needs. Take time to weigh your options for the perfect fit. Remember, the support software you select will weigh heavily on your customer experience and significantly influence brand perception. 

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