Proven Tips To Help You Increase Your Blog Readership And Revenue

Blogging has become a very lucrative endeavor over the years, with many people using it as an additional source of revenue and some becoming so successful that they switch to doing it full time. Working with companies to promote and advertise their products and services allows bloggers to bring in a certain amount of profit based on the traffic that comes to their blog. 

The more people visit your site, the more businesses will want to use your blog as a platform to advertise. Getting to a stage where you’re pleased with your traffic can be tricky and finding ways to compete with other bloggers constantly can be taxing on your energy levels. To help, we’ve put together some of our best, proven tips on how to increase your readership as well as your overall revenue.

Get Planning

It’s all well and good to start writing and posting those blogs regularly but doing so without a plan could be more of a hindrance to you. Before creating a definitive plan for how you write your blogs, you’ll also want to consider writing up a strategy focusing on a few other things, including goals and other elements you’d like to improve. 

Create a guide to follow for each blog post and ask yourself precisely what each blog is about and who the target audience is. It would be best if you also did some research into competitor blogs to see how popular they are in the Google rankings when it comes to similar keywords you’re planning to use. 

Utilize SEO Practices

The most crucial part of generating more traffic for your blog is to use good SEO practices. As you’ll likely know, search engine optimization is the process of writing content that elevates your site higher in the search rankings using keywords and relevant links, among other things. Finding ways to get started with your own SEO is vital as it can truly make or break your blog. 

The higher your blog posts appear when individuals search for the topic you’re discussing, the higher your traffic will be. Therefore you’re going to have a better chance of making more revenue from advertising. It is as simple as that and is reason enough to improve your SEO actively.

Write Better Titles

Writing catchier, more impactful titles is a simple yet effective change you can make to your blog posts. These titles must be clear, concise, and informative of what readers should expect from your blog. As well as this, though, you’ll need to remember that your title will need to contain relevant keywords to help it appear in searches at all. If you write a title with words that people are rarely going to be searching for, and none of them are relevant to your blog either, then the chances are your traffic isn’t going to be increased. 

Use Call-To-Actions

There is a strong chance that visitors to your blog will never visit again, which is a common problem for many bloggers. One way of bringing these visitors back is by using a call to action, such as having them sign up for a newsletter or follow you on social media. If a certain percentage of visitors end up liking one of your social media accounts, then you’ve instantly kept them on the hook for future content that they may not see otherwise. Bringing a portion of people back to your blog using these methods guarantees a certain amount of traffic and, therefore, a certain amount of ad revenue.

Advertise Your Blog

Making eye-catching advertising material for your site is not as difficult as you may think. Using services like Creatopy can help you quickly and easily put together attractive ads that work for your social media accounts and other sites. This can help grab passers-by’s attention when scrolling through their social media accounts, as a post about your latest blog update may get lost in a sea of other content if you don’t create something bright and interesting. Don’t forget that you can create ads for your blog as a whole and individual advertisements for your latest posts.

Provide Offers

If possible, it may be worth encouraging visitors to sign up to your mailing list or follow your social media accounts by offering them small incentives such as discounts or freebies. You may be able to arrange a deal with businesses that are advertising via your blog whereby you can offer a 10% discount on their service for anyone that follows your call to action on your latest post. This not only helps you to secure the attention of more of your audience, but it also benefits your ad partners by encouraging your readers to use their services.

Spend To Increase Reach

Many of these suggestions share a common theme: spending your funds to improve the quality of your blog and your promotional endeavors. You might think that this is counter-productive to be putting the money you earn from blogging back into your blog, but if you’re planning to run your blog for a long time, investing time and resources into improving your blog is essential. 

Spending money on the tools to increase the attractiveness of your blog itself, especially if you’re not naturally talented with using design software, is a great idea. The tools you can find for this task can be incredibly intuitive and easy to use for the layperson.

Ramp Up Your Social Media

While advertising your blog on your social media and other accounts is very important, you should also develop an excellent social media marketing strategy to help you keep on top of every other aspect of your socials. This means engaging your audience, sharing and commenting on other relevant posts, and posting regularly, even if you don’t have a new blog post to share, are all fundamental ways to maintain healthy activity.

This helps to keep your social media relevant by staying active. Still, it also gives you more opportunities to bring in new readers and traffic to your blog, which means you’ll be earning more revenue from your ads and affiliate marketing posts.

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