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8 Positive Aspects of Getting Online Freelancers vs. In-House


As a company owner, you are firstly a businessperson. And business people are after one thing which is making profits. Making profit starts by minimizing the costs of running the business which include salaries and wages. Well, you wouldn’t need to fire anyone, just hire smartly. One of the ways to hire smartly is by seeking the services of a freelancer. Usually, with an employee under your payroll, they are entitled to more than just the monthly salaries. 

Positive Aspects Of Getting Online Freelancers Vs. In House

You will probably need to give bonuses, trips, insurance, among other benefits that accrue to employees. Contrarily, freelancers usually do not qualify for these benefits; all ties are cut once you have paid for the service rendered. This is one of the advantages of hiring a freelancer over in-house employees. Below are more: 

Specialized skillset 

It is impossible to have all the skills under your payroll. Apart from it being expensive over-time, it is utterly unnecessary. Your team may be specialized in one form of skillset while missing another, you cannot hire an addition for one task. This necessitates hiring a freelancer to solve the problem. Also, it is easy to get freelance services with just a touch of a button. 

Most of the people who offer freelancing services have their services advertised along with their profiles. Just by checking the reviews and the work experience, it is easy to judge if they are a fit or a flop. Permanent hiring can be tedious. It may involve a series of interviews which can be costly and take a lot of time. To save yourself the trouble, opt for freelancing services. 

Right equipment 

Freelancers walk with their tools of work. These are equipment which they have used for some time and are used to them. The specialized tool is likely to add a lot of positivity and speed to your project saving you lots of precious hours. Also, the experience of working on tools brings about some level of confidence. Therefore, the chances of building quality a quality project are very high.  


A freelancer can stay up the whole night to complete a project. They are used to having clients all over the world and can serve more than one customer at the same time. So, they are more than capable of handling your assignment any time especially if it is time-sensitive. On the other hand, an in-house employee will not engage in office work if it falls outside the working hours. One thing you will be assured of is timely quality work. 

And if it is late, there will be a communication of the same prior; so that you can plan your activities knowing the exact delivery date. Furthermore, freelancers take full responsibility for their work and any mistakes that may be found. This is unlike in-house projects where you will not locate the source of the problem fast so that it can be fixed early enough especially when your employees start engaging in blame games. 


Affordability comes in two forms. One, with freelancing you will only pay to foot the bill for the services rendered. Therefore, you will not be expected to pay a salary as is the norm with in-house hiring. Two, due to stiff competition, online freelancers are likely to give services art a throwaway prize since they need clients. It is even much better is you got a foreign freelancer who is unaware of the freelancing rates in your region. 

Those who come from developing economies usually lack the expertise to compete with their compatriots from developed economies. Since they come with huge talents and skill base, they are more valuable to you but they won’t cost you as others will. For example, a software developer in Singapore working as a freelancer is likely to charge more than that one who is doing the same thing, even with more talent and is working from Kenya. 


In business, you deal with clients. And they say clients are always right. Well, in this case, you are the client of the freelancer. This, therefore, means they will always avail themselves whenever you need them. This is what they do, and as painful it is for you to lose a client, so they are. You can contact them about a future project you will require them to engage their attention and when the time comes you will receive a complete project. Besides, you can keep in contact with your freelancer after the first task if they impress. This way you will not need to look around for a replacement. 


To stay at the top, freelancers have to constantly keep up with the latest trends and updates. Competition is stiff; they have to ensure their work is top of the class every time. Therefore, they are likely to produce the best results by the use of the latest technology that you probably weren’t aware of. Giving them positive feedback and a quality rating encourages them to push forward and to be even better. Your next project with them will even be better than the last.  


Freelancers are independent agents and they value it that way. You will not need to keep following up with the progress of the work for you know they will honor the timeline unless something happens which they will communicate. There is no need to micromanage your freelancing team since they are already accustomed to working for themselves and unsupervised. You cannot say the same about in-house employees. 


Freelancers take deadlines seriously. Late deliveries usually sabotage their work. Therefore, they will ensure that they deliver on time, and the work will be of exemplary quality. Office politics will always play a part in the performance of your in-house team. This can adversely affect the project. 

The bottom line 

Hiring freelancers is much cheaper, effective, and beneficial to a firm looking to strengthen the quality of its projects or, looking to produce a project that the in-house team is not well versed with. Usually, every freelancer has an area of specialization. This gives them time and practice to get them to be field-smart in their area of practice as well as be innovative and dependable. In case you need a business loan, visit this


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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