How to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number without Them Knowing

In today’s tech-savvy world, hacking and tracking cell phones has become extremely simple. There are numerous apps available online which can help you gain discreet access to any target device. And with such apps being quite affordable, picking one can get increasingly challenging.

However, what most people often don’t realize is that most such apps are laced with viruses aimed at stealing personal information. And though most such “bogus” apps can be easily spotted, some can’t be identified very easily.

That’s why, to make sure you stay clear of such apps, we’ve done the work for you by narrowing down on one genuine app that not only accomplishes covert cell phone tracking in the safest way possible, but also makes sure you don’t get caught in the act.

Part 1: How to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number

What good is a phone spy app if it gives away the identity of the spy or if it needs too much information about the target device? Thankfully, the app we’ve picked does neither. Not only is it extremely secretive, it can work with as little as the iCloud credentials of the target person. That too, without needing rooting or jailbreaking or any other special permission.

Friends, we present to you, Spyier – the ultimate cell phone tracker app that can work on ANY iOS and Android device.

1.1 Spyier – Shattering Myths about Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Spyier is one of the best complete phone monitoring solutions we’ve ever laid eyes on. Without needing you to tamper with your own or the target device, it takes care of all your phone spy needs within a few clicks.

The app which is accepted globally by home and professional users has been featured by leading outlets like The New York Times, Forbes, BBC and more. It has succeeded in gathering excellent user ratings and positive reviews from millions of customers in 190+ countries.

Spyier Banner

Checking out on user data privacy and security practices, Spyier is probably one app you can trust with your eyes closed. It has been designed using cutting-edge tech by highly skilled developers who’ve made sure even people with zero technical skills can use it comfortably.

Spyier isn’t allowed to access the user data on the target phone and thus, cannot save any of the data it monitors on its servers. As a result, there’s no chance of an accidental data leak. The app has been subjected to various checks to ensure it is safe to download and work with.

Let us now find out how Spyier makes it possible to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing.

1.2 How Spyier Enables Cell Phone Number Tracking

As we’ve already mentioned above, Spyier works smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms. Setting it up takes hardly 10 minutes, and you don’t need to install anything on your own phone or computer.

Spyier’s iOS version can be configured with just the iCloud credentials used on the target device. Nothing needs to be installed on the target device, only the iCloud credentials need to be provided during setup. Using those credentials, the app syncs iCloud backup data into its online dashboard for you to access in real-time.

Spyier Dashboard

Since nothing is installed in this case and all operations are controlled through a web-based dashboard, your target person can never find out you’re keeping constant tabs on all their activities through their iOS device.

Spyier’s Android version needs to be installed on the target device only once. After installation, the app icon can be hidden from the app drawer with a single click. Once it is hidden its stealth mode becomes active and the app starts running in the background quietly.

The Android app of Spyier is lightweight (less than 3M) and doesn’t consume much battery or resourced to get flagged. You don’t need to intervene once it has been set up, and thus, the target person can have no clue you’re on to them!

1.3 Spyier Offers Some Killer Benefits

With Spyier by your side, you can extract some pretty cool benefits including (but not limited to):

  • Access to 35+ nifty features like call and SMS tracking with timestamps, live GPS location tracking, social media monitoring, website history tracking, and more.
  • Easy setup and working even for people who have no technical prowess
  • Remote and stealthy phone monitoring without the risk of getting caught in the act
  • 100 percent malware-free app which safeguards user data
  • No need to tamper with any device’s internal settings
  • Extremely affordable app which offers multiple subscription plans to choose from
  • Free live demo offered with no need to sign-up

Part 2: How to Track Cell Phone Number with Spyier

Configuring Spyier on Android and iOS differs slightly, but the features and operation of the app on both platforms is the same.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up Spyier:

Step 1 First you’ll need to sign up, create a free account, and purchase a subscription plan. You can use your email ID to sign up.

Spyier Sign Up

Step 2 Now you’ll be prompted to select the OS of the target device. Depending upon the OS you select (iOS or Android), the steps further on will differ.

Spyier Select Device

Step 3 (a) Android specific installation instructions and download link will be emailed to you on the ID you provide during registration.

Step 3 (b) For iOS, just enter the iCloud credentials used on the target phone when prompted.

Spyier Verify Icloud Id Guide

Step 4 At this point, you’ll see a ‘Finish Installation’ screen where a quick hit at the “Start” button will lead you to your online Minspy dashboard where you can begin monitoring your spouse’s phone.

Spyier Finish Installation

Concluding Lines

We hope this post manages to introduce the best aspects of Spyier to you. After reading this post, we’re sure that you’ll agree with Spyier being the best way to track a cell phone without revealing your identity as a spy.

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