MiniTool MovieMaker Review

Gone are the days when video creation was only limited to professionals. With the advent of social media platforms, people are now more open to the idea of sharing a slice of their lives on these platforms. And videos are the best way to put across your vibe with the online world of friends, family and followers. Now, there are a number of video editing software programs that range not only in terms of price but also skill-sets. MiniTool MovieMaker, however, is designed particularly for beginners, with its easy to understand User Interface, and a simple Help manual to answer any further queries. 

MiniTool MovieMaker

The software covers all the basic editing operations such as – adding media, trimming, splitting, merging etc. There is a timeline where you can identify the video, audio and texts separately which makes the editing pretty easy and simple. Also, while importing media in bulk, the software does not lag or crash which is great, because usually other free editing software programs lag while performing the same operation. They have an entire manual allocated for guiding.

Transitions are a great way to make your videos attractive. Just blandly adding video clips make the overall video monotonous. Adding transitions completely transforms the look of the video and it shows that you have put in effort and creativity. MiniTool MovieMaker 2.0 has some amazing transitions in its transition library. The transitions run smoothly, and gives your video a professional appeal. You can also add effects from the effects library in order to jazz up the video further. Adding effects to your texts will make them look much more prominent and attractive. So, definitely layer on some effects from the effect library.

Quite surprisingly, MiniTool also offers full support for 4k clips which is a big deal, because editing 4k clips requires a strong and powerful software program. However, definitely make sure your computer is supported by a RAM of 8GB or more. Intel 6th Generation or a newer processor is recommended for a smooth and fulfilling editing experience. 

What You Can Create With MiniTool MovieMaker

Now, video templates are a big saviour for those who absolutely don’t know anything about editing, but need to create a video urgently. If you want to quickly make a surprise video for your spouse, or send a video invitation to your friends, you can simply pick a template from the template library and you are good to go. The templates are mostly pretty wholesome, but if you feel like something is missing, you can easily add a transition or effect to customise the video as per your taste.  

If you are a person of aesthetics then you can also make use of the filters provided in the MiniTool MovieMaker 2.0. The filters are subtle and attractive. If you want to mute your audio and add subtitles then you can do that as well. Also, MiniTool MovieMaker 2.0 is great for those who want to make a quick slide-show presentation. 

One of the best things about MiniTool MovieMaker 2.0 is the video speed controller. This one particular feature is enough to make your video stand out. You can make a simple clip look so much more appealing just by slowing or increasing its speed. In fact, slow motion shots are crazily in trend these days. People on social media keep sharing a variety of slow-motion shots and garner a good amount of engagement on their posts. However, not all smartphones have a slow-motion feature. So, you can just record a simple video, add it to the MiniTool MovieMaker 2.0 and slow down its speed to your preference. Just in the same way you can record a normal video and then accelerate it on the MiniTool MovieMaker 2.0 to make it a time-lapse video.   

The reverse video feature is another amazing addition to the software which is super useful and so much in trend nowadays. Fashion influencers, travel bloggers and so many other content creators make use of the reverse feature to make their videos unique. You may come across a video that looks super complex and unique but all the editor did was reverse the video and played around with the video speed. 

Honestly, you don’t need tonnes of features to make a good video. With creativity and an out of the box mindset you can churn out a mind-blowing video using just the very basic features. 

In a nutshell, MiniTool MovieMaker 2.0 is worth the download. It provides almost everything that you need in order to create a wonderful video. The user interface is simple and straight-forward. Nothing to complicate your editing experience. However, it definitely lacks advanced features such as colour grading and curves, that you may need for a grander creative project. Nonetheless, if you are a beginner and still trying to get the hang of editing then this software is for you. Go for it!   

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