Making the most of your marketing budget using animated video

Video is playing a more and more vital role in companies’ online and social media marketing efforts. While you may have Google Ads and various other lead generation platforms ticking along nicely, making the decision to produce your first animated video is a big step.

Making The Most Of Your Marketing Budget Using Animated Video

When you have decided to go ahead and produce a video, deciding on a strategy for it is the next step. Simply producing one video and expecting it to generate leads is no longer a viable strategy, and careful consideration of its content and how it will be distributed is needed. 

How to start producing an animated video

There are many methods available for producing animated video. You can even make your own, but it is often very obvious which videos are DIY efforts. As your video will often be the first (and hopefully not the last) thing many people see of your firm, it is important to present it in the best possible way.

Have a look at what your competitors have done. Have they done the video at all? Have they done a particularly impressive video? Is it just one video or a series of shorter clips? 

Think about which parts of your product or service you want to get across straight away. Don’t try and tell everyone about everything at first – try to draw out how it will solve particular pain points a potential customer is facing. 

What animated video can do for your business

Think of your first foray into video as your chance to tell your potential customers exactly how you can help them in 1 minute or so. It’s almost like a long elevator pitch. 

Consider the best ways of doing this. Is it to focus on facts and figures? Is it to empathise with a particular problem or pain point you know your target customers are facing? Whichever way, think about exactly what it is you want to showcase in this short opportunity while you have someones’ valuable attention for a brief period of time. 

Some of the best animated videos are the ones that lay out a challenge, and then present facts and figures about the benefit of solving it. Customer testimonials are a good starting point, as this validates your work and provides a visual reference point for people to refer to. 

Animated video also gives the opportunity to develop characters that portray your company in a particular way. Members of your team can be brought to life in cartoon format, and different personalities can be created for your senior management team. 

Whether your objective is to entertain, inform or get people thinking, animated video is a blank sheet of paper that you can be creative with and take in any direction you like. 

Choosing your animated video production agency

When looking for your animated video production agency, check on their skills and previous work with other clients. 

Pick an agency that you think you can work with on a regular basis, as well as one that has all the skills you would expect. 

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