How To Make Your Prospects Respond To The Webinars

Are you struggling to communicate the value your company delivers? Do your prospects’ eyes gloss over when you start talking about your key differentiators? Open wallets do not wandering eyes make.

One of the best ways to focus your prospects’ attention is to offer them something of legitimate value. All the better when that something is legitimately free. Free online webinars, organized and executed by in-house experts whose experience speaks for itself, are a tremendously effective means for doing just that.

Make Your Prospects Respond To The Webinars

How To Make Your Prospects Respond To The Webinars

When properly put together, that is. If you’re serious about creating a webinar (or, even better, a webinar series) that does your company proud (and does right by its bottom line), you need to make sure it does these four things.

1. Put Faces To Names

Well executed online training seminars put company rock stars front and center. Not an overwhelming number of rock stars with poorly defined roles, of course. Just those the seminars’ target audience want and need to hear from. With these names put to faces (or vice versa, take your pick), webinar viewers — and, hopefully, newly iced prospects — will feel more confident and comfortable reaching out. It’s impossible to quantify the benefit of that confidence.

2. Communicate Authority and Competency

Speaking of confidence, free online training webinars are tailor-made for communicating competency and creating auras of authority. Case in point: this mortgage company’s training page, modest as it is, is authoritative from start to finish. It doesn’t claim to have all the tools necessary to master the mortgage market — just a few great tools that you can use to take your real estate business to the next level. You don’t become an authority by promising the world, after all.

3. Differentiate Your Products Or Services From The Competition’s

That company’s training page isn’t just authoritative. It also clearly and forcefully differentiates its products from the competition’s, without ever naming said competitors. No one likes a sore winner — often, it’s best to stand out quietly.

4. Create Value-Driven Opportunities For Viewers

The best free online webinars make clear, compelling, high-value offers that reasonable viewers can’t refuse — or, at least, have to think long and hard about before refusing. The perception of exclusivity is critical here. Viewers who feel like they’re getting access to a deal that’s not available to anyone else (at least, no one who didn’t watch the same webinar) are more likely to feel that “je ne sais quoi” connection to the webinar sponsor — and more likely to approach their offers with appropriate credulity.

The Right Knowledge Really Is Power

They say knowledge is power, and they’ve been saying it for quite some time. But not all knowledge is created equal. If you’re going to go through the modest but real trouble of putting together high-quality training webinars for your customers and prospects, you need to make sure you’re making a product worthy of your time and effort — and your customers’ and prospects’.

Just as no one wants to suffer through a tedious lunch-hour meeting that reveals nothing new and establishes no lasting precedents, no one wants to stare blankly at an hour-long webinar only to wonder at the end, “Why did I do that again?”

Knowledge really is power — when it’s delivered the right way.

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