Learn Which Fields Of Study Have The Most Job Opportunities In India

Ask any experienced professional what you should do after higher secondary or graduation, and they will advise you to follow your passion. When you follow your passion and do the things you love, success comes quickly. And studies are no exception.

However, not all fields of study offer the same kind of job opportunities. In India, job opportunities depend on multiple factors, including sector, industry, consumer demand, location, and professional expertise of the job applicant.

Cities like Bangalore and Jaipur, for instance, have several types of companies and job opportunities. Be it medical science, teacher training, or engineering – you can find plenty of educational institutions and courses of study.

Hence, before selecting a course or field of study, it is wise to figure out the location with the maximum number of job opportunities and technologies in demand. Knowledge about the job market can help you identify the right course for a golden future.

The Top Six Fields Of Study With The Most Job Opportunities

1. Pharmacy And Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the focus back on healthcare. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. Students from all over India are making a beeline for healthcare and pharmacy courses. 

Healthcare professionals take several routes to success. While some become doctors and medical practitioners, others become nurses, pharmacists, or allied health professionals.

A healthcare professional or pharmacist can get jobs in government hospitals, primary health care units, private hospitals, outdoor clinics, emergency healthcare facilities, or rehabilitation care. 

To become a healthcare professional, you need to pursue a degree or diploma course from a government-approved college or institute. You can also take up short-term courses from a private institute and apply for healthcare jobs. 

2. Engineering And Technology

Although conventional engineering courses like Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering has lost much of their sheen in India, they are still the most popular streams for students.

However, since the IT industry creates the most number of jobs, Computer Science Engineering has emerged as one of the hottest engineering courses in recent times.

Besides Computer Science or IT, some other courses generating many jobs include Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Geophysical Engineering.

Hence, to make an impression with an engineering degree, try to inquire about the industry and map the requirements with your profile and interests. You can survive in a new field only when it matches your passion and you are interested in acquiring new skills. 

3. Rural Studies 

Agriculture dominates the Indian landscape like no other sector. You can join the rural sector by pursuing a course in rural studies or food science to contribute to the growth of the industry.

Courses in rural studies and food science take you through topics like animal husbandry, farm management, forestry, community development, food processing techniques, etc.

Many Indian states have a dedicated agriculture university or government institutes where you can apply for several courses. Some private institutes offer short-term certificate, diploma, and post-graduate diploma courses in rural studies. 

A degree, diploma, or certificate in rural studies enables you to apply for various government and private jobs. Additionally, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) hire rural science professionals. 

4. Marine Engineering

A maritime course is often considered a surefire way to get a high-paying job. Generally, a student with a marine degree can join the Navy or Merchant Navy. However, Merchant Navy pays much higher salaries than the Navy.

In Merchant Navy, designations like Navigation Officer, Marine Engineer, Captain, and Technical Officer command the highest salaries. 

To get into the Navy or Merchant Navy, you have to pursue a B.E. or B.Tech in Marine Engineering. However, make sure that you are physically and medically fit to take up a job in the Navy, as you may have to spend the maximum part of your career in open waters. 

5. MBA

A management degree or diploma makes you eligible to take up managerial positions. As a manager, you will be responsible for strategising and coordinating business plans and employees.

Since a manager is one of the most important people in any organisation, they command a hefty salary.

In India, you can take up various specialisations during the MBA course. Some specialisations are finance, marketing, human resource, information technology, logistics, healthcare, operations, event, and business analytics.

The eligibility to get into an MBA course is a 3-years’ Bachelor’s degree. However, final year undergraduate students may also apply for the admission test.

Remember, you have to clear an entrance exam like CAT, CMAT, XMAT, ATMA, etc., to seek admission to a management college.

6. Designing

If you are creative and enjoy spending time with abstract ideas and giving them a shape, a career in fashion, interior, or web designing can suit you well. As a designer, you will spend a major part of your day conceptualising, modelling, and designing. 

Fashion designers work with various big and small fashion brands. They also work as freelancers. As an interior designer, you can jumpstart your business with an interior designing firm, whereas web designers can expect to get hired by IT and advertising firms.

Before choosing the right course, check any India-based jobs app to find out which companies hire designers and the field that provides the maximum number of job opportunities. 

Some reputed institutes where you can take up a designing course are the National Institute of Technology, National Institute of Fashion Designing, College of Art, etc.

A student interested in designing can take up courses like Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and certificate and diploma courses in web or graphic designing.

The Bottom Line

Besides the fields of study mentioned above, some other areas like Digital Marketing, Ethical Hacking, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Mass Communication, Journalism, Chartered Accountancy, and Aviation are excellent job-creating sectors.

By the time you graduate, you have most likely figured out your passions and interests. Identify the things that excite you the most. When you figure out your niche, picking the right career will seem a simple thing.

When you have the right skill-set, any career can be the best for you. Research well before choosing the right field of study, and you will rise and shine. 

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