LeadFuze Review: Your Automated Sales Rep

When it comes to outbound sales, your business is only churning a profit when sales are closing, and new leads are entering the funnel. Sounds simple enough, right? One thing we struggle with constantly in the sales world is prospecting.

How do we do it effectively?

How can we do it faster?

That’s where automation comes in. How much easier does prospecting become when each step of the lead generation process isn’t clunky and time-consuming? In the sales world, we all are familiar with the concept of working smarter, not harder and with LeadFuze’s sales enablement software, it appears we have the ability to do just that.

LeadFuze Software Overview

Essentially the LeadFuze software allows you to generate leads and build business prospecting relationships using data from social networks. The process of gathering contact information from targeted prospects is now automated and far less cumbersome and time-consuming.

The software is integrated with third party services to verify the prospects email address, the position with the company location and other important qualifying details. Once the contacts are gathered, you can go into the LeadFuze software and create an automated outbound email sequence. These can be personalized and triggered to send to your selected contacts. You can also set up a sequence of follow-up emails at the interval you’d like.

So how does this software improve the B2B sales process? Take a look at some of the other features LeadFuze offers.

Leadfuze Features

LeadFuze Features

As anyone who has taken the time to search for new leads can attest to, the process of finding the correct contact information takes a serious amount of time…but it doesn’t stop there. Next, you need to find a way to categorize and neatly organize the data and then take the time to input it and then export it! Time wasted in sales is money wasted, and while prospecting is necessary, it doesn’t need to be done like this anymore.

Data Gathering and Verification

There are many similar types of software for gathering contact information but in my experience, the majority of programs I’ve used tend to fail in the verification process rendering the majority of the data they gather useless.

This is where LeadFuze steps up the game in my opinion.

By using not one, but a variety of verification techniques for their data, I was able to achieve over 80% green email rates on the contacts I reached out to. That’s much higher than other platforms I have tried.

Outbound Email Automation

The email automation aspect of LeadFuze is what makes it essentially a “one-stop shop” for prospecting. Now that I have the data gathered, I don’t need to worry about jotting down where I am at in my interactions with each lead. I don’t have to formulate a new email and remember when to send it. The LeadFuze software allows me to customize my emails, select my targets and even schedule additional follow-up emails at the interval of my choosing.

The tracking part of the software is really beneficial as well. Within it, you can see open rates, response rates, and bounce rates. This is valuable information since you can utilize this data to tweak your campaigns as necessary.

The segmenting system can be set to send the second and third email follow-ups that are triggered when no response has been received. If there is a reply from the prospect, the system takes them out of the triggered sends so they won’t be getting follow-ups that aren’t relevant to them. This part is great since the key to successful email automation is to automate but not come across as automated.

Software Installation

The actual process of installing software is often a pain, but fortunately, LeadFuze was pretty easy. You just need to add their Chrome Extension to your browser.

If you aren’t ready to pull the trigger with a full subscription, keep an eye out for their free trial offer. It allows you to test drive the software with 20 contacts for free.

The extension can be downloaded from here.

Prospecting in Action

So how did it actually work out when I put it to the test? I input the search info in the fields, and I was able to identify and add prospects while seeing their job title, location, and industry. This part was very straightforward. Once I saw a prospect I wanted to start a conversation with, it just tool one click to add them to my account, and their contact info was added.

The search filters work to automatically find the email addresses, and I like that you can choose to export the data into a different email client if there is one you are more comfortable working with. As far as sending the emails from the LeadFuze system goes, though, I found it to be really intuitive, and I opted to just send directly through their platform.


  • Great email verification process, high accuracy rates.
  • Intuitive and easy to use platform.
  • Easy install.
  • Great customer service.
  • Love the automated email option.


  • Free version limits you to 20 contacts.
  • Even more collected data on each prospect would be helpful.


Below you will see the pricing and different plans you can currently subscribe to.

Leadfuze Pricing And Plans

Final Thoughts

When it comes to automating the prospecting process, I think LeadFuze has done their research and offered a quality product that should be utilized by of any B2B sales team.

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