What You Need to Know About Document Signing Software

The trend in business nowadays is to try and quit as much paper as you can. The paper addiction, as you might call it, has one strong point there, which is the documents. You can switch to electronic communication, instructions and so on, but up until recently, it all stopped with contracts and other kinds of documents. And you didn’t need to print those just once, but twice or even thrice if you had several partners, employees and so on.

But what’s the thing with the electronic signatures?

In just a couple of years, the electronic signatures have become a successful way of replacing paper documents and saving trees. Even though the systems through which you can do this may vary from one provider to another, the idea remains the same.

Document Signing Software

You have to upload the document (as an image, a Word or PDF file) to the online service, then use tags for special annotations where you will need the signatures. The service will send the file to the recipients, they will sign it with some clicks, either by writing with the pointer of the mouse or with their finger on a tablet. After that, the file is sent back to you. What document signing software is there?

eSign Genie

This is perhaps the easiest to use and the most affordable e-signature solution you can find online. It is useful for creating documents, reusing the templates you previously created and gathering signatures online from several parties. It’s actually a robust app and quite reliable if you look at the reviews. You can send your waivers, NDAs or new client enrollments for your signers to use on your website or directly on the teams.

Adobe Document Cloud

Naturally, being an Adobe product, you can expect it to be high quality. It may be a little too expensive for some people, but it definitely does a great job. It offers an instant fax option or e-signatures, and it has a relatively easy to use interface. Moreover, it gives you the freedom of accessing your documents whenever and wherever you need, which is awesome if you tend to travel a lot or meet your clients in various cities.


This is another popular choice for people who need an e-signature service. Recently, it was ranked as being the #1 software app for enterprises that is used for this purpose. Needless to say, it is preferred by millions of people for managing and sending their documents, whether for professional or personal purposes. It starts at 5$ a month for a user, and it also has a free version and a trial period. You should definitely consider it if you’re looking for a special software to help you with your document signing needs.

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