What’s The Golden Key To Online Business Growth?

Online Business GrowthUnderstanding customers or understanding online business growth remains a big challenge that digital marketers and product managers are facing nowadays. An in-depth understanding of customer helps product managers develop better products and engage with users while marketers too can develop targeted marketing campaigns leading to a better ROI. Product managers and marketers across the world are facing this issue for a long time and are always looking for a solution which can help them understand their customers. So, here is the good news! Janrain Customer Profile management platform is one such solution that strives to solve these problems for product managers and marketers.

Online Business Growth

Janrain Customer Profile Management platform previously known as Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) provides Product managers tools with which they can understand their customers and engage them in a better way by personalising the user experience. On the other hand, it provides marketers with loads of user data with the help of which they can develop targeted marketing strategies leading to better ROI.

Janrain Customer Profile Management platform is a collection of various products working seamlessly with one another. Janrain platform includes:

  • Social login
  • Registration as a Service
  • Profile Data Storage
  • Single Sign-on
  • User Generated content
  • Customer insights
  • Integrations with other industry tools

Let us understand all these products in detail and how they help product managers and marketers to achieve their goals.

Social login

With social login, customers can simply select their existing social account from Facebook, Google, Twitter or other networks and choose the information they want to share with you. There are no forms to fill out and no one more user name and password to remember. One of the biggest advantage of using social login is convenience and security of user identity as users are always identified at social network end. By providing social login at websites, product managers can improve the user experience leading to better registration conversion. Social login has proven to improve registration conversion by 50%.

Janrain social login supports more than 30 social networks which can be integrated using single API from their end. Social login interface provided by Janrain is fully customisable as well as mobile device friendly too. Along with improving registration conversion, social login allows to collect customer profile data. This rich customer profile data helps marketers and product managers understand their customers better. Marketers can design targeted marketing campaigns where as product managers can personalise the user experience.

Registration as a Service

Registration as a service allows outsourcing of registration system of web and mobile applications to Janrain. With this service, there is no need to build and maintain the secure systems for managing customer identity. Customer identity management is another challenge for Product managers and registration as a service is the answer.

Janrain provides an out of box solution for registration and data collection forms, profile pages, account creation flows, password management, and field validation. Janrain RaaS supports both traditional and social login. Product managers can easily customise the registration form as well as add conditional workflow which helps them customise the registration process as per the requirements.

Profile Data Storage

Profile data storage service helps Product Managers manage customer data at one location. This is not only useful for Product managers but also for marketers. With whole data at one end, marketing applications can access this information and marketing decisions are not based on siloed information. This leads to more targeted campaigns and better results. Product managers can also leverage this information to design superior user experience and engagement.

Janrain APIs and infrastructure provides secure and scalable architecture with unlimited profile field storage taking away all the challenges of user data management.

Single Sign-on

SSO is must for Product managers handling various websites and mobile applications for an organisation. Single sign-on allows management of single user profile across all the web leading to better customer experience. This reduces user abandonment by keeping customers logged in across all sites and applications. This also leads to instant personalisation and helps in managing security for the user across your websites.

Janrain provides a rapid deployment process for the Single sign-on and a website can be added or removed simple Javascript code.

User Generated Content

One of the most important product for Product managers and marketers alike. With features like Social sharing, commenting, social activity feed, live chat and others, product managers can make users engage with website and application in a better way. User engagement with these tools lead to word of mouth marketing for website and products. If utilised properly can give a big boost to the online businesses.

Janrain solution helps in improving in user experience and faster customer acquisition.

Customer Insights

All this large amount of information is of no use, if you cannot understand it properly.

Janrain Customer insights provides:

  • Powerful segmentation tools for marketers from Dashboard
  • Conversion analytics for social login and registration which helps Product managers understand the user experience and interaction
  • Sharing and referral traffic tracking helps both marketers and product managers understand engagement and other details

All of this analytics can also be integrated with Google analytics, Adobe Sitecatalyst and other tools helping Product managers and Marketers to understand the big picture in a better way and take much informed decisions.

Integration with Industry tools

Integration with other marketing and web tools makes Janrain more valuable for marketers and product managers. To learn more about the integrations supported by Janrain.

Janrain Solution

With such a collection of products, Janrain platform makes a good case for itself. All these products are available under various offerings from Janrain. Janrain Engage and Capture are the two most popular offerings which include the above discussed products in them.

  • Janrain Engage offering includes Social login, User generated content and customer insights (Social login and sharing analytics). Previously they had 4 pricing plans (Basic (Free), Plus ($100/year), Pro($1000/year) and Enterprise(pricing on contacting them) but now the fee has changed to a minimum of $1000 per year. Although the free plan with limited features is still available.
  • Janrain Capture offering includes Registration as a service and profile data storage products. It also includes advance customer insights (segmentation tools for better targeting). Although it can be implemented independently at your website, it adds more value with Janrain Engage. Pricing for Janrain capture is available only after contacting them
  • Janrain Federate offering includes single sign on solution for clients having multiple web properties and it can be utilised alongside Janrain Capture and Engage too. Pricing for Janrain Federate is also available only after contacting them

Janrain Customer Profile Management platform provides a collection of products which solves a host of problems for marketers as well as product managers. Although the product looks great, Janrain customer service has got a few bad feedbacks too.

Janrain pricing is on the higher side for a small business but the host of features provided make perfect sense for medium and big businesses with the pricing too. With the amount of features and benefits, marketers and product managers should definitely.

Competitors: Gigya and LoginRadius are two competitors of Janrain in this space. Gigya is known for its focus on enterprise clients whereas LoginRadius product and features makes perfect sense for Small and medium businesses. On the product side, Gigya has much larger set of products than Janrain making it more suitable for Enterprise clients whereas LoginRadius products make a perfect sense for small and medium business. A detailed comparison of all these 3 solutions is below

Product Gigya Janrain LoginRadius
Social Login Yes Yes Yes
Social User Data Yes Yes Yes
Registration as service Yes Yes Yes
Social Data Storage Yes Yes Yes
User Data Management Yes Yes Yes
Single Sign on Yes Yes Yes
Friend Invite Yes Yes
Social Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Reactions Yes Yes No
Comments Yes Yes No
Ratings and Reviews Yes No, Supports Extensions No
Activity Feed Yes Yes No
Gamification Yes No, Supports Extensions No
Analytics/Insights Yes Yes Yes

On the pricing side, Gigyaís pricing starts from close to $15,000 per year more suitable for enterprise clients whereas LoginRadius pricing starts from $468 per year making it more suitable for SMB businesses. Gigyaís solution comes as a whole and does not allow the flexibility to choose product which both Janrain and LoginRadius provides. All of these solutions provide demo of their product to their customers which can help you to take a better call for the solution to go for as per your requirements.

Go ahead and understand and engage with your customers for your own good. Use these tips for your Online Business Growth.

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