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Journey From A ‘Normal Blog’ To A ‘Strong Brand’


Millions of websites are registered every day worldwide, carrying the dreams of millions to become big one day. There are millions like me, you get inspired from achievers like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Brian Clark, etc. and start a blog dreaming of making it a renowned ‘BRAND’ one day. Out of 100, 60% bloggers fail to achieve (Lack Of Patience :() and end their journey in between, 30% struggle and struggle and reach a decent level of earning and gets satisfied and sit back, 10% still fight and push their limitations to the last extent, and end up becoming THE ACHIEVERS just like, Brian Clark, Brian Dean, etc. 🙂

Strong Brand

In spite of millions stepping into this internet world daily, the good news is there are still full chances to succeed, even if you have begun today so far. YES! We agree to develop readers for your blog who seriously take time to read, comment and share your blog posts

A brand is an entity that is built with time. It is built as the symbol of quality, trust or efficiency. The brand is one that gives the buyer a quality product and service even if it is expensive. The user is mostly concerned about the quality service and tends to pay high in return of service.

Well, an idea of establishing a brand image of a blog is almost an innovation. However if it is successful then this could be a worthy idea for a lifetime. Hmmm… So, if you take my opinion, YES! Just go for it, as innovation is a key to success. You must have seen some blogs which are treated as real authorities and readers go there to get an answer to their query and also enjoy reading blog posts. So, NOW the question is, how to convert the journey from your ‘Normal blog’ a ‘Strong brand’?

Keeping your doubts in mind, today, I’ll be sharing six ways that will surely play a crucial role in developing a unique brand image for your blog.

Let’s have a look.

1. Unique Blog Post

To fetch readers to your blog just make sure you have developed a unique and informative blog post. You must have seen several website gives information but what makes YOU DIFFERENT is, how kind you provide information to readers which satisfy them and make them your followers. Make sure that you are adding images, post heading, graphic, etc., to your posts which make them stand out in the blogosphere making your readers your true fans.

If your blog post looks attractive and are full of useful information then it will surely attract readers to your blog, who will not just read the blog but also share your efforts with the audience, and further like your post and comment what they like in that post.

(If you want to know how I convert my readers into subscribers then, *MUST READ: Why Optinmonster Is A Killer Tool For Getting Subscribers?)

2. Unique & Simple Blog Design

I have seen most bloggers overdo the things when to suggest focusing on unique designs. Haha.. 😀 Guys, don’t become designers if I am saying to focus on unique designs. By Unique blog design I simply mean, Just make your blog look attractive to readers. Kindly, do not overdo things on your blog rather make it simple and user-friendly for the readers. Simplicity is a quality that always attract others to you whether as a person or as a thing. So, if you create a design matching the expectations of readers than it can work as a game-changing strategy for your blog.

3. Lay An Impact With Unique Writing Style

The best way to engage readers on your blog is to show them something unique and different. Don’t slap your readers by just giving them raw information available in multiple sites, SORRY If you think you can make a difference doing this then you are in An ILLUSION.

If you SERIOUSLY want to win the heart of your readers then ensure that you win the heart of readers with your writing style. Just make them realize that what they are going through you have been through these things earlier in your life. Give them examples of real experiences and tell them a way to improve that particular situation. MIND IT! Writing is the heart and soul of your blog which makes your blog a brand. It is one of the most crucial factors while branding of a blog. So, take your time while writing articles for your blog. Go for a deep research and bring gems out from the ocean. J

4. A Unique Logo

Every brand has a unique identity regarding a Logo like Quick Sprout, Backlinko, ShoutMeLoud, etc. So, make a unique logo for your brand make your blog goal expressive. Just make sure logo speaks about your blog. The logo of a blog is a represents your blog values.

5. Bring Out Unique Topics

Have you ever thought, Why a reader will come to you? Okay! Let’s not talk about the reader at the moment, just imagine what make you follow some blog blindly? YES! EXACTLY because you fetch detailed information from that particular blog.

Just like that, focus on bringing out unique topics whose answers/solutions are not present in the blogosphere. Suppose, I am running a bogging niche website, I will make sure that I cover all crucial topics that are beneficial for bloggers in this blogosphere. If I provide new bloggers a detailed and unique information which can help them develop a successful blog than my aim is fulfilled. After this, DEFINITELY I’ll get a flood of an audience to my blog who will read my posts and will wait for my articles. That’s how things work out here. 😉

6. Be Consistent In Publishing Posts

Make sure that you are consistent in updating information on your blog. This is a very CRUCIAL thing if you want to survive in this Internet world. If you are not consistent someone else will overpower your blog space, and you will be KICKED OUT in no-time. (I know I am rude, but it’s a bitter fact)

According to a survey, out of 133 million blogs since 2002, only 76,000 (less than 1%!) managed to establish a good Tech ranking of 50 or higher, just due to consistency. So, BELIEVE ME! Consistency is a crucial element while branding your blog which measures the quality of your blog as well.


So, guys, if you SERIOUSLY want to establish a UNIQUE IDENTITY of your blog then make sure you follow what I have told you.

Ahhh…You thinking, ‘Why should we trust you, Girl?’ Okay, calm down don’t TRUST ME but you can trust yourself at-least. So, just implement these points and see the MAGIC!

With this I GUARANTEE YOU, you will gain popularity of your blog, you will see continues hike in blog traffic graphs, and you will end up getting readers (Real fan base) for your blog. So, according to me searching a way out to develop a strong brand image for your blog is definitely worth spending time rather than anything else.
If you have any query, you can approach me by simply leaving a comment on the box below. I’ll be happy to help you.


My name is Preet Sandhu. I was born in Chandigarh, India. I can proudly say I'm among few Female bloggers From Asia (India mentioned above). I am the founder of, a blog created to discuss some common problems regarding health, dating, etc. and, a reviews blog.

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    • Pranay Khatri

      Hi Preet,
      Great Post, you explained very clearly. I also believe that consistency for writing post is very crucial point. I am also trying to implement all the mentioned points.
      Thanks !
      – Pranay Khatri

    • udit

      gr8 explanation..
      blog need a Patience but you just cant sit back and wait to happen.. their is a small difference between Patience and wait.
      there is only ONE mantra of success that is NEVER GIVE UP no matter what..

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