Is Email Signature a Must In Corporate Branding

The email signature is a digital signature at the end of the email. Every business associate has their own email signature specially prepared for them. They can prepare it themselves or get it generated online. A corporate branding is an established company which has several marketing needs.

Is Email Signature A Must In Corporate Branding

Email marketing holds a lot of importance among business corporates. Although it is an old method and many new ways of marketing has been established email remains an authentic way to communicate with your clients. If you have email marketing as a major promotional activity, you must have an email signature.

Why Email Signature?

The emails that are sent to the clients must connect you with your customers. A blunt email with just text will end up being either deleted or not opened. In email marketing, according to statistics, about 3.7 billion people used emails in 2017.

An email signature is a sign of authority and belief that your company is trustworthy establishment. There are many companies which are fake and are looking for ways to commit online fraudulent activities.

To make sure, you are not one of them, make sure you have a perfect email signature. Also, this signature goes with all your emails. You do not have sign personally each email when sending and this saves a lot of time. Some other points to be noted are:

1. Easy to use

It is quite easy to create an email signature for yourself. There are several online services that can create it for you. Once generated, it can be used for all emails.

2. Professional email

When you add an email signature at the end, it gives a professional look to your email. An email sent to your prospective clients must be professional, but the words used can be friendly.

3. Authenticity

As already said before, email signature gives authentic look to your email. Most of the advertising emails reach the spam but the email signature makes sure your email doesn’t reach the spam folder.

4. Increasing click rate

When clients open and read your email with an email signature at the end, they would not hesitate in buying your service or product. Thus, your click-through rate will increase giving you a boost in sales.

5. Increasing connection

the email signature along with your photo and logo of the company consists of your contact information. Your prospective clients can use those details to connect to you and clear their doubts. Also, other business professionals might use those details to reach you to propose a business deal.

6. Brand awareness

The email signature consists of the name of your brand and logo. The more you use the email signature, the more people get acquitted with your brand. Consequently, it creates brand awareness. Also, the social media icons in the email signature will help in easy sharing.

7. Brand loyalty

This is the goal of every company. Pick up any company like Nike or Apple, they have loyal fans of their brand. Whenever a new product is launched, they will make sure to advertise it in the best way possible with personal emails to the previous users.

The customers end up buying a new product even though he/she doesn’t need one. Email signature helps in generating loyal fans. Brand awareness slowly leads to brand loyalty.

Parts of Email Signature to Add

This digital signature is quite small but proves to be a powerful tool for a corporate branding. It might seem like an insignificant part of the email but in the eyes of clients, it is a sign of trust. Business is greatly influenced by what people feel or think. The email signature is divided into two main portions and has the following parts:


The image occupies the leftmost part of the email signature. It is ought to be something relevant to the company. The best is when it is the logo of the company or it is the picture of the person running it. A clear and good-quality picture is what your client is looking for.

Contact Info

One part of the email signature should be left for the details of the company or the person. In case of a corporate establishment, you need to specify the details of the company. You might want to keep the text short and simple. Divide the text into 3 lines:

  • First line – surname or name of the company,
  • Second line – address,
  • Third – phone number,

Additionally, you may add the campaigning tagline at the end of the email signature if you want.

Social Media Icons

You may use social media icons in your email signature. It is not a must, but it is recommended to do so. It is better to add just the icons instead of links. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – you may add all the social media platforms that are present or more.


If your company has a website, it must be mentioned in the email signature. It would be easier to directly go to the website and check it out instantly.

Is it Necessary to Add a Sig?

The simple answer would be yes. The complex answer would be depending on how badly and how fast you are looking for success. Email signatures guarantee success in your business because of future brand loyalty.

It should be a professional and convincing signature. Creating this email signature yourself can be a tedious task and time-taking. Getting professional help is the best idea if you are not a pro at this.

There are various online tools available to create this perfect email signature for you at low costs. NEWOLDSTAMP is one of them. It creates rejuvenating, professional and convincing email signatures that will surely make your path towards success easier.


Thus, a company email signature is a necessity for your business. Make sure it has vibrant colors and has a catchy texture. Color combination is an important thing which is not really considered by people. So if your corporate branding needs an email signature, go ahead and create the best email signature for your company and see your sales going high.

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