Interested in Mobile App Development? Learn Python Programming

Python is a popular programming language because it is versatile, can process large amounts of data, and is easy to learn. These are all reasons Python is a popular choice for companies whose mobile apps need to be reliable and secure.

Python growth trends

In its 21st Report, SlashData analyzed global trends in software developers across 160 countries during the third quarter of 2021. It covered programming languages, APIs, tools, tech segments, and developers’ attitudes.

According to the report, over 11 million coders use Python, mostly in IoT applications, machine learning, and data science.

The report also states that Python added 2.3m developers in 2020/2021, a 25% increase which is one of the highest among programming languages communities.

Famous apps built using Python


This plug-in provides users with the ability to comment on web pages. It is simple and effective at engaging audiences and generating discussion. Disqus makes use of Django’s security features and patches.


Dropbox is a file-hosting service that was developed in Python. Dropbox is a well-known desktop app that can be downloaded on macOS, Windows, and certain versions of Linux. Python’s best feature is its portability and ability to work on various platforms, including Linux and PC.


Instagram has changed the face of digital photography. It is easy to use, accessible, and widely popular. This app has over 400 million users per day, clearly discrediting any notion that custom mobile applications built with Python are not scalable.


Pinterest is a well-known image-sharing site that helps users collect images, then bookmark and share them. Pinterest uses Django (a Python framework) to quickly process significant amounts of content. The image-sharing site has used Python since its inception.


Reddit is an American social news aggregator with more than 600 million monthly users.


Spotify is a global streaming service with revenue exceeding €5 billion. This allows the company to manage advanced functions like Radio and Discover, which are completely based on mobile phone users’ musical preferences. Python’s speed and advanced data analytics were reasons this company chose Python.


Uber is a ride-hailing company that offers peer-to-peer food delivery, ridesharing, and bike-sharing.

Python runs on many major operating systems

Python supports many operating systems. Running code on given platforms or tools is merely a matter of using an in-place Python interpreter.

Since Python is an interpreted programming language, this makes it perfect for running the same code across multiple platforms without a need for recompilation. In short, modified code is executable straight away, and the effects of any code changes are immediate and instantly obvious. This feature allows developers to modify the code quickly and with fewer mistakes, thereby drastically reducing project development time and costs.

Create mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows using Python


Apps are necessarily driven by the purpose for which they are created. Thus, developers need code that can work in many environments. Python is ideal because it works with all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.


Python is a broad-purpose programming language that works in almost any digital environment, giving Python apps amazing versatility.


Python’s source code makes it an easy choice for programmers who want to write simple, effective code that anyone can use. The language’s syntax rules are simple to learn and take very little time. This means that having new, inexperienced members in the team is unlikely to cause major problems.

Python has a very shallow learning curve, which is one of its best features.


App development is a competitive industry. To compete, developers need to create high-quality products that are easy to deploy, test, and adapt. Python makes it easy to do this organically.

Open-source platform, zero initial investment (since Python is open source)

Python is open-source, meaning it is freely available for everyone to use. The Python Software Foundation is responsible for managing the language. Python was developed under an approved open-source license that makes it available without cost, usable, and distributable.

Python is outstanding for animations and graphics

Python can process graphics. There are many third-party open-source graphics processing software available, in addition to the many built-in modules. For example:

Paints Chainer

Paints Chainer is a Python-based coloring tool for comics. Paints Chainer automatically generates color comics from black and white comic sketches.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition’s library implements facial recognition. Face Recognition provides a command-line tool that allows the recognition of faces in images within any folder. The functionality has a proven accuracy of 99%.


Matplotlib is a Python library that is used to draw 2D graphics. In keeping with the Python philosophy, it has an easy-to-use package that allows developers to add another dimension to data visualization: animated graphics.

Learn Python to advance your career

Python is already a well-known tool for web application development. However, businesses are now increasingly interested in creating mobile apps with Python.

The increasing global demand for mobile apps means Python will soon be used more frequently to create mobile applications. Therefore, this is an excellent time to learn Python.

For your convenience, here is a curated list of the best Python courses that are available today.

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