Essential Online Shopping Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online Shopping has made our life much simpler, we can buy any stuff right from our home and without much difficulty. But you should also realize that cyber criminals are watching us keenly and we should not become prey for them. Since we are mostly using our credit cards and debit cards to shop online, we should also consider their safely. So in order to avoid that you need to make sure you are visiting the right site. You can bookmark the sites you regularly visit to purchase goods online and don’t reply on search engine results since it may lead to malicious sites.

Also check twice whether the URL displayed in the address bar is correct or not. Cyber criminals have use some redirect tactic to display phishing site. This infographic from Trend Micro displays essential online shopping tips for better security. They have also mentioned some interesting information about “Online Shopping”. You can see the 5 tried and tested tips to shop safely online.