Get TeamWox Free of Charge for the Public Sector

Teamwox saas free public sectorEarlier we shared an exclusive review about TeamWox and how it benefits you. Now here is a good news for you, TeamWox is now available completely Free of Charge for the Public Sector. Previously they offered TeamWox to the Public Sector under a special license at a reduced price. TeamWox is a highly efficient cloud based enterprise management system.

This offer is for any Public Sector enterprise worldwide and they’ll get a fully featured Enterprise Management System completely free of charge. Access to the modern management technologies is no longer be limited by the IT budget. The entire Public Sector is given a unique opportunity to modernize and streamline their entire work-flow process.

Gaies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp says,

“We aim to ensure that all companies can provide the best possible service, regardless of their affiliation with either public or private sector. We have already initiated a program for assisting Educational Institutions by allowing them to receive TeamWox for Free. Over 200 organizations have availed of this offer thus far and successfully use the latest technologies in management. We are sure that by further expanding our «TeamWox for Free!» offer, it will also be in high demand amongst Public Sector institutions”.

TeamWox deals with Educational, Governmental and Municipal enterprises. The entire Public Sectors like Governmental or Municipal organizations are striving to optimize its work-flow process by introducing modern Business Management systems. Such Public Sectors will get free fully-featured TeamWox Business Collaboration software. This license will be issued for an unlimited number of users and covers all updates and technical support which is offered via the public forum. They have to provide legal documents issued by a regulatory authority to confirm its Public Sector status.

TeamWox is implemented in the form of a cloud, which makes the storage stuffs more easier to access and making it unlimited. Now you can Apply and Get TeamWox Collaboration Software for free.

HOW TO: Optimise Your Business Management

TeamWox logoIf you are running a company or working for any company you might have faced several problems regarding management and optimisation, and you might not have that potential to become productive. Now we are going to review a highly efficient enterprise management system called TeamWox. The best part is, it is implemented in the form of a cloud, thus making the storage stuffs more easier to access and making it unlimited. You can manage your tasks, documents, CRM, use IP telephony, etc.

You can also work in a local network or via the Internet. They also have advanced security system to protect your documents and files.

Key Features Of TeamWox

Below I have mentioned some of the key features of TeamWox.

  • Collaboration & Voice communication.
  • HRM, Team management & Payroll.
  • CRM, Service Desk & Online Assistant can be integrated into websites.
  • Working with tasks, docs, emails, chats, forum, media files, mind maps, and many more.
  • Ready-to-use solution and no additional software needed.

Features Explained

Human Resource Management (HRM)

This module contains all the relevant information about your company’s employees. That includes personal details, address, contact details, and teamwork information. You can easily monitor your employee details and also the company’s structure. It also helps to detect the duplication of functions in your teamwork.

Task Manager – Assigning Tasks

This module helps us to assign tasks to each and every employee. You can control the working functions of the team. You can also hold group discussions and solve problems quickly. The best part is you can find out which employee put his/her maximum effort into the job.

optimise business

eMail Client – Easy way to communicate

TeamWox has elegant eMail client, which makes employees easy to communicate with. You can also set up filters that helps you to automatically sort emails. You can create any accounts and receive e-mails from several addresses at the same time.

Business Management Reports

Every company expects business reports after completing some projects or works. But now you don’t have to put that effort on your employees, you can easily generate them using this. TeamWox’s company management reports are automatic and perfect.

Their system of automated built-in company management reports allows you to control your business at a new level and you can also get productivity reports as well.

If you wish to try TeamWox, you can checkout the free-of-charge on-premises for up to 10 users or two-month Trial SaaS version.

Overall TeamWox is a great application if you wish to be productive, don’t forget to check it out.