Why Students Should Start A Blog

I sternly believe that blogging has a great future and having tonnes of students addicted to Internet, they can start blogging and even they can make it as their career, if they work hard.

Through Blogging you can show your true personality and you can stand out from the crowd. The results are amazing and you will be surely surprised by it!

At present, if you are doing nothing, then you MUST try the art of blogging. It is better than doing nothing and you will never stop it!

Stop preparing your resume and start preparing your blog. Believe me, you need more than a resume to get a job now! 😛

Top Reasons Why Students Should Start A Blog Right Away

College Student1. Engineering? : If you are doing engineering, you have my sympathies mate. Then you must move on and read rest of this article! 😛

2. Low Budget : You don’t have to invest much. Blogging is very affordable.

3. Resume : Your blog will be your resume. Believe me, employers love it. They will be extremely satisfied if you have good skills like writing and, blogging is the best way to prove it. You can proudly mention ‘blogging’ in your resume.

4. Earn While You Study : Most of the students go to part time jobs to earn money, both for personal and academic use. If they have a blog (with good content), they don’t need to worry, they can easily make money through Google Adsense and Reviews. If you’re really committed towards blogging, the kind of income you will earn is immeasurable.

5. Impress Others : Some people create blog to earn money, some do it for passion and some to impress others. Many people try something to impress others and blogging is one among them.

6. Improve Your Skills : Yes, you can improve your writing and editing skills. Blogging is a great way to improve your skills, especially in writing and editing part. You can compare your old articles with new articles and see how much you have improved. You can improve your proofreading and validation skills too.

7. Good Experience : Blogging is real and in reality, it is almost similar to business. You have to promote and market it to others. You can use these skills in real life.

8. Your Career? : Who knows? Many people were not interested to become a full time blogger, but, it could quickly turn into one. If you are addicted to blogging and if you know the tactics, you will soon become a problogger!

9. Connections : You can maintain good relationship with as many personalities as possible. They include entrepreneurs, CEOs, probloggers, freelancers and so on. If you need a job you can find a good one through the connections you have made and this won’t be possible without having your blog.

10. Approaches : If you are a steady blogger, opportunities will knock at your door. If you are approached by someone for interview for the first time, trust me, that joy will be immeasurable.

11. Learning : Being a blogger you can learn lot of new things. Blogging teaches you many things and if you are writing about gadgets, by the end of the year, you will probably become a gadget expert and you would have known many things about gadgets.

12. You Won’t Lose Anything : Yup, you don’t have to invest too much money also. It is quite simple to become a blogger and you won’t lose anything.

13. Companies Will Hire You : People who are proficient in blogging and social media will be hired by Top Level companies.

14. Improves Creativity : You can easily improve your creativity by finding a new subject to write about. You can also improve it by tweaking your blog design and the manner you promote your blog! 😉

I hope you would have understood the benefits and the mass of blogging. Below I also mentioned some blogging tips for college and school students.

Essential Blogging Tips For College And School Students

1. Don’t bunk your classes. College is a place where you can learn and blogging is one of the places where you can apply it. So don’t bunk, attend them. Degree is important!

2. Promote Your Blog. Spread your blog’s brand all over your college. Tell your friends about your blog and ask them suggestions.

3. Attend Blogger’s meet and Camps. You will still be a frog in a well if you don’t attend them. ( Thanks Arun! 8) ) Register for these events and interact with them in group and open discussions.

4. Read Other Blogs. Find blogs related to your blog’s niche and start reading it! Analyze the style and presentation of the articles present there.

5. Stick with your schedule. Create a time table and fix a time for blogging. Don’t do blogging after midnight.

You can also check out Anja Skrba’s free Blogging guide to understand it better. So how is your experience being a student cum blogger? Please share it in the comments! 😉