Essential Tips For Implementing A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy TipsIt’s tough to imagine that Facebook has been around for nearly 10 years. If you haven’t accepted Social Media yet, it’s time to realize that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Just about every major company is finding a way to leverage social media and you should too.

The biggest question is how can you get the best value from your social media campaign? In order to accomplish this you’re going to need a goal and solid direction. You have to ask yourself what you are trying to get out of using social media. Here are a few answers to this question:

  1. Generate sales
  2. Share information
  3. Build brand awareness
  4. Build a business community
  5. Generate buzz about your company

You’re more than likely trying to accomplish all 5 of the goals listed above. The most important thing to remember is that it’s going to take time. Some of the most successful social media campaigns are those that are consistent over the long run. If you’re expecting instant results, you’re going to be disappointed.

How to Stand Out Against the Competition

Setting yourself apart from the competition and beating them is no easy task, but it is possible. You’ll have to start with research. What I mean by that is you need to understand your target market. Find out who you’re trying to reach and how they participate in social media. Teenagers will certainly participate differently than those above the age of 40 so keep that in mind.

Consider reaching your audience in the following ways:

  • Will you need a blog?
  • Should you upload videos, music or podcasts?
  • Will you promote special offers or products?
  • Will you use humor?
  • Should you develop your own YouTube channel?

Let’s face it – everyone loves to share an informing or funny video. Creating your own YouTube channel and promoting your business through this medium is a sure way to get people talking about your business. It might take time getting comfortable in front of a camera, but stick with it and you’ll reap the benefits.

Having a blog not only gives your fans and followers something else to tune into, it provides more content for them to read. An active blog also provides you a great opportunity to post fresh content to your social media pages.

It’s tough to find a market that isn’t competitive and staying unique is difficult sometimes, but you have to give your followers a reason why they should participate with you rather than your competition. It’s going to take some creativity on your end, but differentiating yourself is a must if you’re trying to stand out.

Assessing Your Strategy

Every social media strategy has to be measured. Assessing your efforts is challenging but you need to find ways to measure how your approach is impacting results. Are certain promotions generating more sales? Are videos being shared more than blog posts? What kind of content is making people comment and start conversations? These are all way you can assess your strategy and you should do it monthly.

Don’t be afraid to ask your fans and followers what they like and dislike. There is a reason why it’s called social media and you should take full advantage of it. Ask them for suggestions and get them fully involved in your campaign. They’ll not only feel good about contributing but they’ll feel appreciated as well. The most important part is to listen and act on their suggestions.

7 Basic Social Media Strategies For 2012

Social Media Strategy 2012Social Media is the new term for socialising online. Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies that allow users to talk, participate, share, bookmark, network and more. It is indeed a social instrument of communication. Forums and Online Communities, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter – all these are called social media. Companies ought to follow consumers where they head to. People read blogs, give comments, share content in various blogs, forums and social networks. The reason why all businesses need to have a social media strategy is because it prevents sending a wrong signal or a mixed signals and emphasizes why social media is relevant to your business’ overall goals. You can have a brand/fan page on almost every popular social network however you also need to keep in mind as to who will be your audience and reach them where they are. It is also important to ensure that these media give a good opportunity for you to connect with your customers and vice versa. Here’s a practical approach to developing a social media strategy for your business for the year 2012.

1. How much is the effect: One brand or fan page in Facebook or a Digg bookmark won’t create a difference so try a combination of tools.

2. Online presence: Today there are a range of platforms like laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop. Get to know how your consumers are using their mobile phones and its related apps. Also have a check on the online presence you create in these platform for your consumers.

3. Security measure: The Single sign-on, also called convergence has simplified the interaction on social networks. Users now have lesser passwords to remember as they can access websites using Facebook or Twitter. But convergence has paved the way for hacking to hackers as it is easy to get more information with less passwords to get in the way. The same treat poses even for mobile users. You need to earn trust and consistency from your customers and this is a major factor which will influence your business in the e-commerce world.

4. Online sales: Today, in Facebook we can find online shops of so many businesses selling different products and services paving the way for online sales. Keep a watch on the share your consumers make on products they like and purchase. As your online customers participate more, your brand is valued more. Shared experiences can improve your products and services.

5. Establish relationships: When you have an opportunity to attend conferences or events related to your industry, make the best use of it to strengthen existing relationships and also create a new network. There might be people who have hidden their identity with an avatar in social networks and through these events you get a chance to meet in person.

6. Measure Success and Presence: These are the actions which you need to measure like Brand presence.Take a note of the fan count for your Facebook page, follower count on Twitter, comment count in blog and forum. This tells you about your brand presence across various media.

7. Traffic and Response: Take a note of the number of links from other websites to your brand’s URL. Also take care of Comment response for brand. Take a note of the positive and negative feeback about your brand. Both are required for upgrading.


This article is written by Linda. She is an active guest blogger who blogs on a variety of topics that include social media, software, technology and mobiles.

4 Tips To Formulate Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media MarketingRegardless of what kind of business you are running, you should know by now that social media is an effective platform to do everything from marketing, market research to customer support and branding. The only problem is that most people are unsure of how they can utilize social media to its full potential. As of now, there are no hard and fast rules when social media is concerned. Most business owners are feeling their way through this entire social media frenzy. Regardless of the ambiguity, here are a few things that pioneers have picked up which those attempting to follow their footsteps should remember.

1. Have a strategy

What do you want to achieve through the help of social media? How much are you willing to invest in social media and how will you measure your results? Don’t think of social media as an isolated marketing tool. On the other hand, think of social media as part of your collective marketing campaign.

2. Measure each step of the way

No, that does not mean just counting the number of “likes” you get on Facebook and “followers” you have on Twitter. You need a more holistic manner of tracking and measuring the progress of your social media campaign. One way to do this is by paying attention to what your “friends” and “followers” positively react to so that you’ll know what to highlight on your social media accounts.

3. Use the right tools

The great thing about social media is that it provides tools which allow you to manage and monitor the things that you are doing on these platforms. But there are a number of third-party tools which are processes things faster and more intelligently. You can always check out different social media tools online. There are those which you can use for free so you don’t have to worry about utilizing these tools.

4. Etiquette

When you are using social media, you are engaging in a conversation rather than making a boring speech. You need to listen first and foremost before talking. And you need to be responsive when someone is talking to you. Be open and be honest, and make sure all the time that you are polite. Your “friends” and “followers” know that you have a motive so don’t even hide these things. Instead, be real and be genuine. Never get mad even if it is justified for you to get angry because this never turns out well.

This article is written by Ryan Cote. He is a Project Manager for Ballantine Digital, a NJ social media agency, and is responsible for overall operations and client campaigns. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.