Does Advertising On Social Networks Work And To What Degree?

social media advertisingThe use of social networking sites for advertisement is not a new debate issue. Indeed the massive use of social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus by people all across the world has made this platform a worthy place for Businesses to promote their products or services. People vouching for this platform for the advertisement refer to the recent trend among the social networking users who buy different stuffs rely over these ads. However, the people against this idea say that social networking sites are only a place to meet and find friends and interact with them. The changing time has changed the trend to certain extent, let’s find out in what degree the Social Media complement advertising?

Ads and Social media

According to a couple of studies and surveys, certain specific kinds of ads do work in a right way over the social media platforms. All you need is specific kinds of ads for these platforms, which could drive better responses from the users. There are number of marketers, which have been using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their business and benefitting to a great extent. These ads not only boost brand awareness among the consumers but also have been instrumental in attracting sizeable amount of users to buy different products or services. The surveys vouching for this idea simply state that the ease and comfort attached in finding out product reviews and the brand research make things easy for the consumers and compel them to use these platforms.

It works for whom?

Advertisements over social media platforms don’t work for everyone. As per the marketing experts, it can work for businesses, which are able to incorporate four elements in their Social Media Marketing efforts. This include understanding your prospective consumers using social media channels, secondly, you are able to target the precise users with compelling content. Thirdly, checking whether your ads are able to extend your current content over the social media sites or not. Lastly, if you have a competent social networking presence over popular social media sites then only you could reap rich dividends. If you abide by these four protocols, then only you could benefit the best from the social media ads.

Encouraging trends for social media marketers

There were number of studies and research which were carried out over the consumers over popular online stores like Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Walmart during the festive season. The researchers studied the buying behavior patterns found in the online consumers. A good amount of online consumers surprisingly were the fan followers of different brands over Facebook and other social networking sites. The figure noticed over the popular online stores went to a rise of 51 percent of consumers coming via social media sites seeing and studying ads over these platforms. This is really an encouraging figure for online marketers which are keen to use ads over social media sites.

Final word

Though people consider social media sites as a place to interact and find new and old friends, yet these are now started acting like platforms to promote products and services from different brands. All you need is a competent strategy for doing this effectively. Have a structured strategy for your social media ads and simply the reap benefits. You have nothing to lose from these ads only to gain provided you know how to do that.

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How Social Media Can Help In Boosting Your Business Through Advertising

Social Media AdvertisingIt is usually said that advertising through Social Media network is like magic elixir, silver bullet or a thing which was long awaited by the advertisement world for the business community for the growth of their business. In fact the existence of newspaper, radio or TV ads has been denied with the emergence of social media advertising as nothing is required to be printed or posted to anywhere to boost up an advertisement campaign for any product or services. You need not have to struggle with a media representative to minimize his charges for your advertisement campaign. Your message, on the other hand, reaches entire world through social media advertising free of cost.

You can use social media marketing vehicles including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook etc. free of cost to spread your message about your products and services all over the world. You will have to pay only to the experts who will create and maintain an effective advertisement for your business. Though social media adverting is used widely to popularize your business even then one must know what it can or can not do for you.

Positive effects of social media advertising

  • These advertisements are capable of establishing your business in a trusted manner. These social networking sites are trusted by the visitors and the things advertised through these sites also receive that trust in succession. The information about the products and services you want to sell are provided on these websites, without any clear cut appeal to buy them, which will naturally make an impact on visitors and the trust on the products increases.
  • Social Media act as a channel between you and your customers to communicate with each other about the pros and cons of your product or services to make them satisfied for their queries.
  • These media services provide thorough information about your business and products to your potential customers through their blogs, online discussions and videos. They allow the visitors to those sites to dig out the queries regarding those products to be satisfied about their quality and performance.
  • These media options allow more exposure to your business through Internet Marketing as your products are made more visible and easily searched out on these sites. Search engines too are now allowing much preference to social media networks which permit you to make your search results faster and improved.
  • They allow you to approach your young consumers along with the grown ups, preferably those who are not bound to any brand-name. Young and prospective customers are essential for any business to make its future safe.
  • The social media sites work as Public Relation media for your business and your prospective customers as they provide chance to share your views on the product, let it be good or bad. Your communication can be heard by others to know the product in better terms and the same will increase your customer base at large.
  • Social media advertising is serving equally to the small as well as medium business owner by giving them higher opportunities to be successful. These social media networks allow you to contact your customers directly through their platform and share your ideas to make your business rise higher by following the suggestions of their customers. Thus you can know your customers and their feeling about your products which will help you to improve your business and get success.
  • Social media advertising also helps in making good marketing strategies as they connect you to the particular online communities through their blogs. You will have to make plans for online advertising through social media networks to reach your targeted clients by using these sites properly.
  • Social media networks are usually accessed by more than two third population of the world who use Internet in their daily routine. This huge number of people is the real force of social media advertising who will participate in making your business popular and establish very soon. It will help in building new networks and business relationships along with strengthening the existing relations to boost your business to new heights. You will be able to contact with like-minded people having similar interests to make it easy to communicate with them using your products suitable to them. Thus you can increase your business much more than your expectations.
  • One more positive point favoring social media advertising is its cost effectiveness. You have to spend for only once for design and develop your advertisement for social media networks. Then it is going to grab the attention of millions of people all over the world within no time. You are not going to spend funds very frequently to popularize your business among the users of your products, even if you are a small business owner and have limited budget for advertisement of your products.

Though social media advertising is playing great role in boosting any business but still there are some negative points for that. Still this media of advertising is new for most of the internet users as they are familiar to read newspapers, watch televisions. They recognize TV and newspaper ads more than the ads displayed by social networking sites.

Moreover internet is used by the elders for a limited time as compared to the time spent on reading newspapers and watching television so their priority can not be change abruptly. Their recognition to the social networking sites will take time and similarly social media advertising will take time to be popular amongst them.

But the benefits of using social media advertising, as discussed above, are far more than the traditional advertising which make it popular for boosting any business due to increase in the number of internet users in the world. Social media networks are becoming more and more popular among the internet users of every age group.

Thus, social media advertising can help in boosting your business easily and effectively as the number of users of these sites is increasing day by day.