Features That Made iPhone 4S Click

The iPhone 4S is the latest cellphone from Apple. Since it has so many features it won’t be appropriate to think it is just a phone. It is a sort of mini computer.

The iPhone 4S comes in two colours – white and black. Don’t be upset if you need more colours. “iPhone Bumpers” are available that can be made to fit the edges of your iphone that will give it different colours. 6 such colours are available.

Apple iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S comes in three memory capacities and as such three prices. The cost of 16GB memory is 199 US$. 32GB costs 299 US$ and 64GB costs 399 US$.

Yes the device is expensive but considering its usefulness it is worth it.

My iPhone never leaves my side, and I’m constantly amazed at how much work I can get done on such a tiny device. –David Appleyard

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iPhone 4S is only 9.3 mm thick and weighs only 140 grams. So it is very easy to carry it with you.

Wi-fi and 3G are obviously supported. Net access all the time.

Two cameras are built in – one at the front and the other one at the back. The front camera is for video chat and is VGA. The back side camera is of 8 megapixel quality. It includes features like autofocus, face detection in still images, LED flash, video recording in High Definition (HD) 1080p.

Lithium-ion battery is used which allows a talk time of up to 8 hours on 3G and up to 14 hours on 2G (GSM).

iPhone 4S is using a software named Siri – which is pretty unique in its own way. Siri enables you to talk to your iphone!

Just say what you want your iphone to do and it will be done. See the image below for what I mean.

Apple iPhone 4S Review

Though there are some softwares that convert speech to text on your computer but they all need special training. You need to speak only in a special way so that that software can interpret it. But with Siri, it is not the case.

To quote Apple’s offical website:

You can speak to Siri as you would to a person — in a natural voice with a conversational tone. If you want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow, simply say “What will the weather be like tomorrow?” Or “Does it look like rain tomorrow?” Or even “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” No matter how you ask, Siri will tell you the forecast.

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Having the iPhone 4S is like having a personal assistant.

Siri presently works with the following languages:

  • English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia)
  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)

Apple claims that in 2012, Siri will support additional languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

iPhone 4S works on a dual-core A5 chip which results in seven times faster graphics and two times more power than the iphone 4.

The operating system is updated and named iOS5 which has 200 more features than the old operating system.

And yes! The apps store has more than 5 lakh apps so you can do virtually anything from your iphone.

With iphone 4S, Apple has proven yet again that they are the best cell phone makers.

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