Yahoo Launches Zombie Game — Shambling Hordes

Halloween TreatYahoo!, one of the most popular search engines, launched a cool zombie game that teaches the principles of economics. The game is called Shambling Hordes, and it was developed by the team from Yahoo! Labs. I think this is for Halloween, a treat from Yahoo!.

Build an army of zombies and battle other players to claim your territories. ShamblingHordes is a game between two players that takes place on a map of countries. Each player has a home base where they can produce a number of zombies to form a team in each round. The more zombies a player produces, the more territory they control.

Players can challenge each other for control of a territory through battle, in which each player distributes a number of zombies across a set of locations. A player wins a location by having the most zombies at that location and wins a battle by winning a majority of the locations. There is no random chance at all in the outcome; ShamblingHordes is completely a game of skill.

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