4 SEO Techniques That Works After Google Panda

SEO and Google PandaAfter introduction of Google Panda the whole algorithm of Google Indexing system changed. Now the top rankings cannot be achieved by using all the earlier techniques. So you need to work with only some techniques that still works. Remember that traffic from search engines is very important because each and every person searches his need using the search engines and Google is one of the top search engines. So SEO of your blog is very important because only then you will get the good rankings in the search results. But if you don’t optimize your blog then your links will get bad rankings and then we all know that no one will go to the 9th or 10th page of the search results to fulfill his need. So here I would reflect those techniques that works After Panda..

1. Originality and Uniqueness in Writing

If you are having original content on your blog then you are going to be indexed by google with better rankings and if you have unique contents than you are going to get the top ranking for sure. But let me tell here that theĀ blogs with duplicate contents will not get good rankings in the search results.

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2. Moderately Use Keywords

While naming your articles or setting the links you should always remember to use those keywords which are mostly typed by people in the search engines because only then they will get the link to your blog. But while doing this you should remember that there is always competition in selecting keywords between many blogs. Hence you should use those only keywords that are moderately used because then there will be less competition with those keywords.

3. Submitting to Search Engines

While submitting your blog links to search sites or directories remember two things. First you should submit your blog links only to good directories like DMOZ, Google, etc and the second thing is that your bog posts should not contain any low quality links. You can check this article – HOW TO: Get Listed on DMOZ.

Remember that Few low quality links can effect the whole blog.

4. PR backlinks from Top Ranking sites.

To get good ranking in Google search results you can try this. You can start guest blogging to get backlinks to your bog. To get backlinks you just need to add a link of your blog to the guest article. This will help you in getting good rankings as your links are now coming from a blog which ranks high in the search results. By this method you are going to get huge traffic as well. To write for HellBound Bloggers (HBB) kindly check this.

Try out these techniques and after a short span of time you will see that your blog links are ranking high in the search results.

Do share with us if you know some better techniques to achieve better ranking in search results..

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