HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Now Revamped With Swift Theme

HellBound Bloggers (HBB) has been revamped with the popular Swift Theme. This is so far the best theme I have used and special thanks to the developer Satish Gandham for the wonderful design made according to HBB‘s needs. I hope you can experience a new feel and you can easily focus more on the content.

Why Revamped?

Almost one year back we redesigned our blog, we believed HBB needed a new and simple look to concentrate more on content. Our previous theme focussed more on Advertisements and Social Sharing, that’s because we targeted those two things specifically earlier.

Few words from Satish Gandham regarding this theme revamp,

Satish GandhamHBB was growing at a rapid pace, but the design was not perfect. Attention to detail was missing, as a designer it doesn’t feel right to see the one of the top blogs in India with that design.

I explained Pradeep how the design could be improved and we started working on the redesign in the mid September. The aim was to preserve the overall feel of the site and fix the things that were not right. Today, here we are to present you the new design for HBB powered by Swift.

You can see some of the changes we made on our blog below.

Updated Sections on HBB

Social networking enabled comment system

We switched to Jetpack (from WordPress.com) to provide a social networking comment experience. Now readers can also comment via Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.com accounts.

Simple Navigation Menu

On our previous theme we had 3 navigation menus, but now we are using only one menu with dropdown. You can find all the popular topics on our blog there. That helps readers to find engaging topics quite easily.

Random Button

Sometimes readers feel quite bored when they visit blogs because they want to read something but not sure where to start (except the recent post, of course). So a “Random Post” button could be essential there. Just click the button and you’ll be taken to a random post. Not satisfied? You can again click the button to read another one. On the sidebar also you can find the list of random posts.

Featured Boxes

On our previous theme we had 2 featured boxes for highlighting important posts or trending posts from categories. Now we added another one and made it 3 for extra exposure.

Popular Posts – Sidebar

If you want to read the recent popular posts on HBB, you can find them on the sidebar. If in case you missed quite trending posts, you can always find them on the sidebar.

Exclusive Search Box

We now focus on user experience on our site, so that readers and visitors can stay longer on our site. We kept a powerful search box on the header to help users to search for their required posts and resources.

Ad-free Layout

We reduced the locations for advertisements. We are thinking of a different way to monetize HBB apart from advertisements. So from now on you’ll see less ads.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design provides an optimal viewing experience for readers. Our theme will support wide range of devices to make reading more comfortable.

About Swift Themes

swift themesLike I said, using Swift Theme made us believe that we can take our blog to next level in terms of user experience and content providing. It is a fast and server friendly theme. The best part is you have full control over the design. Some other things you’ll love:

  • Search Engine Optimized with HTML5 semantics.
  • Good Google Page Speed Score and Yahoo! YSlow Metric Grade.
  • Full control over design. Highly customizable.
  • Excellent support from the Developer.

So far HBB’s overall loading and optimization performance are quite good, I’ll write a detailed review about our change and experience next week. A feature I liked the most is the delayed loading of Gravatars. That means the Gravtars are loaded only after the entire page is loaded. What’s the benefit? It won’t slow down the page load if it can not connect to Gravatar.com, which usually is slow.

It wont interfere with the user experience (UX) as by the time user comes to comments, they will be loaded.

You can also check our previous review about Swift Theme.

People asked me why not Thesis or Genesis? I asked them back why not Swift Theme? It is a popular fast loading WordPress theme with Top notch Search Engine Optimization.

Your Opinions

We value your feedback. I’m sure this new look is far better than our previous one and you’ll love it. But I could have missed something more essential you guys expected. Do share your views on comments below. Thank you. 🙂

HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Retouched & Revamped

Finally we moved into a custom theme, though you won’t notice much of a difference in the structure of the theme. We applied little makeup to HBB so that it gives a refreshing look. Our goal was to clean things and give another look to HBB. We replaced several plugins with manual code, thus reducing the overall load on the database. Meanwhile, please don’t mind some minor errors you might encounter while browsing for few hours.

Featured Posts Section

We always loved to feature our best posts on the homepage for some time, so we added three sets of featured posts on the homepage and five sets on the sidebar for the maximum exposure.

HBB Featured Posts

Popular Posts Section

HBB’s popular posts section provides top 5 popular posts for a particular period. It is live on the sidebar.

Popular Entries HBB

In a month or so, we’ll move to VPS server. We are working hard to give you enhanced features and hopefully, you can expect them soon. 🙂

If you encounter any bug or theme error, kindly let us know about it. Also let us know what you think about this new theme in the comments below.

HellBound Bloggers Gets A Thesis Makeover

Changes are unavoidable. This applies to everyone, even a blog too. So I forced myself to change in order to make a better blog in terms of design and optimization.

Proud to say that HellBound Bloggers is smartly designed with Thesis theme (Current version 1.6) and Blogussion skin.

Earlier I used StudioPress Church theme and I was satisfied with it, but it gave me a bad bounce rate and poor loading speed.

I’m waiting for your reactions and opinions on this new design. Cheers!

If you are also facing these problems, better switch or try these tips :

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Currently the Logo is under Construction/Modification