11 Laws To Promote Your Business On Social Media

social media business lawsAll of us are familiar about corporate laws or Business laws. We follow these rules in order to show more responsibility towards our work and people getting affected by it. Same rules are applied when you promote your business online. These rules become more specific when we have to use different Social Media networking channels to promote and enhance our business.

Here are 11 rules you must follow while promoting your business through Social Media.

1. Share

People join social media networks so that they can share their life with their friends. Same applies to the business world. Create client oriented content and share it for free over Social Medias. Don’t restrain yourself by sharing only your company details and products share other people business achievements too and while doing this don’t forget to mention them.

2. Respond

When customers responds to you by thanking you or by just asking you a question be courteous enough to reply them back. And be quick in responding, delays are often perceived negatively.

3. Polite

This is the most important point while posting content over social media. Respond in the same manner as you would do in real life i.e. in-person conversation. Use lot of courteous vocabulary like please, kindly, sorry and thank-you.

4. Brief

Remember you are posting content on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Google+ etc. Write according to the maximum characters rule for these Medias. Mostly people avoid reading long descriptions so make sure you write content that is clear, mature and concise in nature.

5. Curate

Post content in an organized manner. Cross check that you don’t post content which was previously posted. If you want to post long content then divide your content into several series or chapters. Practice originality and avoid copying anyone else content.

6. Visual

Visual content spreads more quickly over the web. Include a lot of product videos, images and info graphics over the web. Make the use of short URLs to avoid message length (in characters especially in Twitter) problem.

7. Diversify

There are plenty of social media sites available over the web. Choose wisely and promote different content on different social networking sites. Each of your social media account should have unique customer base i.e. your Facebook friends and Twitter followers should be different.

8. Humor

Though your main focus is building business relations over the web but that does not mean you take the life out of your social media accounts. Engage in real conversations; respond lightly to furious comments or tweets. Be sincere not serious.

9. Authentic

Before opening any social media accounts ensure your intentions. Are you registering so you can be rich as soon as possible or you really want to reach out and build customer base that trust your brand. Be real in online conversations. Make use of natural language. Produce content that will help you to solve your customer’s problem.

10. Consistent

Promoting your brand online needs constant engagement with your customers. Be sure you tweet often, post blog articles on a regular basis etc. In this Technology age people are spending more of their time online so don’t blame god when you stay behind in winning the hearts of your customers by delaying posting content online.

11. Representative

Make sure you have single person representing your brand online. You can appoint an employee to do this or you can promote your content yourself on the web. This point needs to be incorporated to ensure that your words are perceived in a single positive tone by your customers.

At last, remember you are promoting your business online to build relations with your customers. If you have more suggestions over this top do comment your heart out in the comment section.

This article is written by Prashant Mamtora. He is the owner of IndiesServices – a software firm located in India. Indies continuously strives persistently to develop IT products that are qualitative and robust.