PPC vs Organic SEO: What Should You Choose?

PPC Vs SEOPPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a method of online advertising that is done through an affiliate network. The idea is that you create an advert and submit it to an affiliate network. They will display your advert on websites and search engine results pages. With PPC you do not pay to have your advert run, but you do pay if a user clicks on one of them. Organic SEO relates (in most cases) to your website. You have to optimize your site so that the search engines will show it on their search engine results.

If your website’s SEO is good then your website will be ranked higher on the search engine results pages. This is known as organic SEO, because your website rises up through the search engine results pages on its own, without any forcing from your end. If you were to pay to have your website rank higher on the search engine results, then that would not be organic, and therefore your SEO for that would not have been organic SEO. This article deals with the keywords that make up PPC and organic SEO.

Three Choices

You have three decisions; you can pick one, the other, or both. This article will help you decide which path to take. As a rule however, if you have the chance to start a PPC campaign then you really should. This article deals with PPC SEO, which are the keywords and rules relating to PPC. However, if you have the budget to start a PPC campaign then you should do it and refine it so that it makes you money. This article is not about PPC specifically, but is about where you should put your keywords for the best SEO. This article discusses whether you should cram all of your best keywords into your website (Organic SEO), whether you should cram all of your keywords into your online advertising (PPC) or both.

You come up with your best keywords…where do you put them

Keyword research involves finding out what people are going to type into the search engine. Your goal is to find out what your target consumer is likely to type into the search engines. It is not as difficult as it sound, and you do not need to be a mind reader. For example if you lawn fertilizer then you can guess that people are going to type the words “lawn fertilizer” into the search engines. You can also assume they are not going to type, “Damp proofing my flat” into the search engine. It is your job to come up with a list of keywords, and decide if you should put those keywords into your PPC campaign or your website.


If you put your keywords into your PPC campaign, and into your website, they may fight it out on the search engines results pages. If you put all of your best keywords into your PPC campaign then you stand a better chance of being seen by a lot of people. It will cost you more money that putting them into the website, but there is a higher chance that your website will be seen when using a PPC campaign. You could use the website to host long-tailed keywords, so that your website would still rank near the top for lesser-used keywords.

Organic SEO

Putting your best keywords into the website is going to save you a lot more money. You will however have a lot more competition, and there is a good chance that you will never reach the first page on any of your keywords. It is however cheaper because organic traffic from search engines is free. You could also put your long tailed and less applicable keywords into the PPC campaign. It would not get many clicks, but the clicks it does get would be very low priced (which is good for saving money on the advertising budget).


Once clever thing to do is to put some good keywords into your website, but put the difficult ones in your PPC campaign. Some keywords or key terms are hard to put into a website’s content because they are grammatically incorrect, spelt incorrectly, or awkwardly phrased. They are still good keywords however, so you could put them into the PPC campaign. In the PPC campaign–those awkward words would not be seen, and so would have no negative affect–whilst still drawing traffic.


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