Are People Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Better On Social Media?

social media plastic surgery

Social Media sites were developed to allow users to share photos and information with their social network. The goal was to provide a means of connection and interaction through a daily online presence. Since its inception, social media has grown exponentially and with that growth we have seen the damage that so much transparency can have in our daily lives. We are constantly being berated with images of beautiful, thin, happy people and these images can chip away at a person’s self confidence and feeling of self worth.

“The effect of the social media onslaught is that it can lead users to get plastic surgery to look better on their own social media sites” Dr. Dulin of a Plano plastic surgery office says.¬†Anyone who has experienced a moment of self doubt as to their appearance in a photo is vulnerable to this phenomenon. Social media has given its users the constant exposure to images that are not based in reality. Over time and without the proper support, users can begin to believe that they need to look “perfect” in order to fit in this world of heavy social media users. It is drastic, but resorting to plastic surgery to attain this goal of perfection is a very real consequence of social media.

The most common forms of plastic surgery that are being performed are face and body reconstructions. Social media users want to appear thin and perfect at all times so any photo that may be posted of them will always appear immaculate. Bodies and faces are being completely changed to fit into this world of social media and go along with all the pressures that go along with it.

How to Avoid Social Media Fall-Out

Awareness is the answer to avoid feeling badly about yourself when on social media. Take the time to realize that the internet and all it has to offer are not true representations of reality. The photos that people choose to put on their social media sites are not candid snapshots. Many users take hundreds of photos before obtaining that one perfect shot, and that one out of a hundred is the only one that you will see. With the photo editing programs that are available, it is safe to assume that most photos have been altered to some degree. Blemishes have been removed, double chins have been erased and normal sized bodies have been reduced to a fraction of their natural, healthy sizes.

Getting plastic surgery simply to look better on social media sites is a cry for help. The best way to overcome the desire to appear perfect is through hard work, therapy and being surrounded by supportive people in real life. Take some time to get off of the computer and learn how to function in the real world with all the real-looking people. Once one is able to build their self esteem back up, the world of social media may become a thing of the past for them.

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