Create Watercolor Effect On Wallpapers

Bloggers like to be energetic and niche to write new articles in their blog and there are many ways to do that. One way is the Desktop wallpaper. I change it according to my mood. 😀 I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (Trial Version). And by seeing Windows 7 wallpaper I felt so good.

I had an idea to convert that image into watercolor effect or grunge design, so the first tutorial will be watercolor effect. You know any colorful image can be converted into watercolor effect through easy 5 steps. The filter effect in the Photoshop makes the tutorial easily understandable even to a newbie.

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Step 1 : Open the new document or directly open the image in Photoshop.

Default Wallpaper used for Watercolor Effect
Default Wallpaper used for Watercolor Effect

The source used here is default wallpaper from windows7; you can use any other images or this one if you have Windows 7. Anyhow we are going to use this for personal use only. 😉

Step 2 : Select the menu | Image | adjustment | Hue and saturation

Go to Menu | Image | Adjustment | Hue and Saturation
Go to Menu | Image | Adjustment | Hue and Saturation

Now change the value of the saturation to 50% and hit enter. Don’t change any other settings.

Step 3 : Now open the Filter Gallery menu from Filter menu.

Here we are going to add four filter effects. They are artistic, texture, brush stroke, and distort.

Tip : When adding one effect don’t enter, we have to add more effects and by using press clicking the new icon in the bottom of the window.[ It can save you some time and you can get the preview and change the value ] 8)

Four Filter Effects
Four Filter Effects

  1. Texture menu and select texturizer and give the value :
Texture menu
Texture menu

  1. Brush strokes | Angled strokes
Angled strokes
Angled strokes

  1. Artistic menu select | Paint Daubs
Paint Daubs
Paint Daubs

  1. Distort | glass

Now enter Ok.

[Plastic warp is the optional but if you want you can do it. 5-11-8]

Step 4 : Duplicate the images by Ctrl + J or right click the layer and select duplicate layer.

Desaturate the duplicated the image by pressing Ctrl +Shift+U or under Image | Adjustment | Desaturate.

Desaturate The Duplicated Image
Desaturate The Duplicated Image

Change the Blending mode in to Overlay or Multiply and decrease the opacity according to your choose image. Here I used 30 To 45.

Step 5 : Now select the desaturated image and choose Stylize menu and Emboss and give the values according to your image.

Remember the value should be less for height and amount.

And the final result :

Final Result
Final Result

And still you can do wonders, just by playing with blending mode and filter effects.

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Personal note : Here I mentioned like “adjust the values according to your needs/ image “, reason – for good practice and playing with values gives different results. 😀

This article is guest author Sri Ganesh.M. He is a young blogger and Founder of “AnimHuT” Creative Blog. He found his passion for designing recently. He is doing Graphic Design and illustrations right now! You can Follow him on Twitter too.

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Create Zoom Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

In this article, I mentioned some really simple tricks to create Zoom Effect using Adobe Photoshop. You can try this on any versions of Photoshop. I did this tutorial using Adobe Photoshop CS4.

To do this tutorial you don’t need to have any extra skills or creativity or whatever they say. All you need is little patience and most importantly, don’t do any Photoshop tutorial in a hurry. They won’t give good output/result.

Try to think creatively and you will get more than the desired output. Always remember no one can teach you creativity.

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Creating Zoom Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

Zoom-Effect1. Open a image and select the area for which you want to give the zoom effect.

2.Then go to Select | Modify | Feather Radius.

Type the value as 5.

Note : The value may vary according to image size

Click Ok.

3.Go to Select | Inverse.

4.Then Filter | Blur | Radial Blur.

For Blur Method, Choose Zoom and For Quality, Choose Good radio buttons.

And type the amount as 55.

You can check the video tutorial I made below :

So why waiting?! Create your own zoom effect with your own images.