Best Permalink Structure According To Google’s Eye

Many SEO experts told us that permalinks play a very important role for ranking our blog posts in Google, they are 100% correct but I’ve seen many SEO experts saying that limiting categories and sub folder in the URL can yield to high ranking in Google. Let’s see if it is true or just a myth. Let’s start :

I know many of you have not understood my question, so here is an example.

Suppose, I’ve a blog and I am using permalink structure

and there is another blog which is using permalink structure

Now, most of the SEO experts say that permalink structure that is followed by the first blog i.e is far better than 2nd blog. Is this true in Google’ eye? Lets see

Both permalink structure have same value in Google’s eye

  • Yes! According to Google both permalink structures have same value no matter the post is in sub-folder, in root folder or anywhere else
  • Many people think that if our post is in number of sub folders, chances of indexing and ranking will be low, it is not. Google treats all the links same whether the post title is in root folder or in any number of folders.
  • Rather, it is good to follow the 2nd permalink structure because it keeps our post organized under specific category

If you think, I am wrong check out this video what Matt Cutts is saying about this in detail.

I hope by now, your misunderstanding about the permalink structure is over. Happy blogging !!

This article is written by Andy. He blogs at iPhone 4 Jailbreak.