5 Basic Performance Enhancing Tips To Become A Better Blogger

Blogging is one of the easiest thing which a man can do with a very simple process. Basically on introduction it was just  for writing  articles so that the world could read it , but blogging is now not limited just to the initial idea of introduction but grown better and bigger. Publishing article is never a difficult job for me and for that case anyone, but the important thing is to get traffic and money from what you do. So here are basic tips to enhance your performance and be a better blogger.

5 Tips

1. Fire the Passion in you

Passion is one thing which has to come naturally inside you but may be triggered by an external spark. Although it might be hard if you don’t feel it. When you are passionate about something it reflects on it and blogging is a field where you are certainly going to show it well enough that world will be talking about it. I don’t know how a person can trigger the passion within but for me it was just the success of pro bloggers that I had a look at.

2. Interaction with readers

By Interaction I mean the communication channel between you and your readers. You need to be constantly communicating with your readers and have a good sound thing of what they like and how they want the content to be presented, after all you blog for your readers right? Once you do this stuff certainly the respect for you will increase and also the followers ultimately resulting in upgrading yourself as a better blogger.

3. Gaining Knowledge (Always Updating Yourself)

I will term this as one of the most crucial things to be a good blogger. A blog is a place where you share knowledge which you know to all but what if you don’t learn anything new? Many issues will arise if you continue with such methodology. Initially you will run out of blog posting ideas, better content on your blog and alarmingly you want to have anything good and interesting that your readers can learn. Spend time on learning new things and observe everything around you. If you are a technical blogger then there is a lot you can study on and write, it just takes a little commitment. Thus you build such knowledge that posting good articles will never be a problem for you.

4. Keep Originality

Some point of time you will certainly run out of post ideas. At that moment looking at other blogs for posts certainly might not be a bad idea, but it becomes bad if you just copy and paste the article just like that. Copying is like committing suicide in blogging and you are assured to be penalized. To avoid that be creative even while you are posting an article which is present in some other site.  What can you do so that your post doesn’t look copied?

  • Try to change the Post Title with better sounding.
  • Re-write the whole content with your own writing style.
  • Search the web and add some vital points into the article.
  • If possible share that you got the post idea from so and so.

5. Write Informative Articles

You may have all the talents mentioned above but you want to be reckoned as a good blogger till you do something beneficial to others. There is no point in writing articles where no one is going to get benefited or interested in reading that. Write article which you think will help others and bring them to you on a regular basis. This is why my 3rd point becomes really crucial, only if you update yourself you will get a source to write an informative article.

These may be really simple tips, but if you follow them surely there is no looking back for you.

This article is written by Sandeep Singh. He blogs at NthBlogger, where you can find all his writings.