11 Out Of The Box Ideas For Link Bait

Link Bait Creative IdeasBefore giving out ideas for successful Link bait it is essential to understand its meaning and its usefulness. Link bait can be described as any feature or content hosted on a website that helps in attracting the attention of people who link the website with their own websites. A completely white hat technique of getting links, Link bait is the ideal strategy for all online Business owners looking forward to search engine optimization. However, getting enough links through the technique is tricky and needs fresh ideas. Here are some out of the box ideas for link bait:

1.Prepare Lists: Listing is an important part of anybody’s daily lives. From preparing grocery lists to to-do lists, one is always involved in preparing lists; therefore, creating lists is an idea to attract the attention of people. Lists must be useful, interesting and informative.

2. Research: Links can be created by conducting research or surveys on the requirements of the clients or customers. However, if clients are not participative enough, then their consent for Google Analytics can be taken to complete the research because the data obtained would be unique to them.

3.Publish interviews: A great idea for link bait is to publish interviews of popular celebrities who have a great fan following. If an exclusive interview can be obtained, then your website or blog is sure to get some good links from the fans.

4. Take up a cause and write: Writing an opinionated letter to some authoritative in the industry can be a great way to attract links. Whether or not is the letter a positive one, it should take up a cause that needs attention. This would find support with others who would then share it with others.

5. Reviews: Reviews are a great way to get links for your website or blog. The review would provide an in-depth analysis of a product and its comparison with similar products. People like to read reviews about products and genuine reviews are sure to attract a good number of links.

6. How-to posts: One can find several how-to posts related to various to-do things. However, the difference here is to add a little bit of graphics to make the information visual which helps users in understanding the concept more easily.

7. Offer Freebies: Everybody likes to get things free. Therefore, offering widgets, apps or add-ons on your website can be a great way to bait links. Whether the freebie is a widget or simply a BMI calculator, it can attract a lot of attention. However, you have to ensure that these are always updated.

8. Debate and controversy: Starting up a debate on a hot or controversial topic can be a great way to attract links to your website. You can start up a debate by inviting people on your forum. This technique is useful if you have a topic that you are sure of attracting attention.

9. Offer reference material: People use the internet to find references and information. Therefore offering reference material on your website is a great way to attract links. Descriptions, explanations and definitions on your website can attract attention of those seeking such information.

10. Case studies: It is human nature to understand why certain things happen while others do not. Presenting case studies in this regard can be an effective way to garner in links. A good explanation of case studies can help people understand and make informative decisions.

11. Compile researches: Researches made by others can be compiled in a concise manner can be presented for those who originally shared the post. However, it is imperative to the credit the source of your research as this provides your post credibility and lead to creating links.

4 Out Of The Box Ideas To Get Traffic For Your Blogs

TrafficIn blogosphere every blogger is craving for traffic. They are always in search of some new ways or tactics that they can use to boost their blog traffic. And why not they search for new ways to build traffic, because they know that traffic is directly proportional to money. The more you have the traffic the more money you will make.

In blogosphere you will be able to find hundreds of tactics and places that you can use to build huge audience for your blog and today I’m going to increase the figures by adding my 4 out of the box ways to build traffic for your blog.

1. People Reads T-shirts More Then Books

Now a day’s everybody got addicted to read what’s written of everybody’s t-shirts. Even sometimes I can’t stop myself to read what’s written on the persons t-shirts. So I thought let’s take advantage of these new habits of everyone. All you need are some t-shirts with your blog logos printed on it with your blog tag line or some slogan.

Then simply distribute it within your friends circle and tell everyone to wear it at least for one day then see the magic and boost in your blog traffic.

2. Have Some Coding Skills

Do you have some coding skills? If your answer is yes then you have huge key in your hand that will open the door for you to boost your blog traffic.  You can use you coding skills to develop a theme or plugin for other bloggers to grab links from there blogs.

Not only that you can also make some revenue out of your theme and plugin by launching a premium version. So get both benefits in terms of traffic as well as in terms of money by using your little coding knowledge.

3. Biz Cards & Email Signature

Today even small business owner will have his own business card, so make sure you own a simple business card to boost your blog traffic offline. If you don’t have UPrinting Business Cards then you can take advantage of email signatures to boost your blog traffic. Because studies shows that millions of emails send out each seconds. I by myself send around 20 to 30 mails each day to contact my clients and friends. So emails signatures are one of best ways to gain exposure for your blog.

4. Tell-A-Friend Button

Make sure you have a tell-a-friend button on your blog so that your readers will be able to spread a word about your blog in their friend circle. Lots of bigwig bloggers are already using this button to maximize the amount of traffic on their blogs. So now it’s your turn to enable the tell-a-friend feature on your blog.

Do you use any other “out of the box” idea to generate awesome traffic to your blog? Kindly share them in the comments below.

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