Why To Use Long Tail Keywords For SEO

Long tail keywords, this is not a new term for the bloggers. However not every blogger know why to use long tail keywords.

If you are one of such thousands of bloggers, I guess this piece of writing is just for you. Before I proceed to the benefits of using long tail keywords, I would like to tell you what exactly those are.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

long tail keywords seoKeywords can be short tail or long tail and if I make it explicable the best words would be ‘shorter phrases’ and ‘long phrases’.

Let me making even simpler. The short phrases which are generally termed as Head Words are general and cover a vast area. Let us take the keyword ‘Sports Car’. This is a short tail keyword which can cover a wide range of Sports Cars.

Now if we want a long tail keyword on this we can go more specific about it like ‘BMW Sports Car’ and if we go more specific the long tail keyword would be ‘Latest BMW Sports Car’ or even more specific would be ‘Latest BMW 135i Sports Car’ which will cover only the particular BMW 135i.

Did you notice anything in this example? The short tail keyword ‘Sports Car’ and the long tail keyword ‘Latest BMW 135i Sports Car’ are perfectly relevant to each other.

I guess you are now clear with the term ‘Long Tail Keywords’ so let me proceed to the benefits of using them.

Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords

Newbie bloggers and SEO professionals are not actually familiar to the concept of using long tail keywords. Even I was unaware till I read some good posts written about it and did a bit research on this aspect.

As now I know the benefits, I want to share them with my readers:

Less Competition – The long tail keywords face less competition. I can prove that.

When I search for the following terms in Google.com, I got following results. Have a look:

  • Sports Car: 1,420,000,000 results
  • BMW Sports Car : 61,900,000 results
  • Latest BMW Sports Car : 61,400,000 results
  • latest BMW 135i sports car : 1,320,000 results

So what did you notice?

Longer the keyword fewer are the blogs matching to it and more are your chances to make a place in search engine results.

Targeted Traffic

Seeing the above details if you are thinking that using one long tail keyword will bring you tons of traffic, you are mistaken. You are taking my verdict wrongly.

Though, it is a fact that the long tail keyword will bring you the substantial and targeted traffic. Only people searching for that long tail keyword will land on your blog but to get a good amount of traffic you have to use numerous long tail keywords in your blog.

Do you know where do I get the most suitable long tail keywords for my blog?

I get it from Google Analytics.

Yes, I mean it.

From you Google Analytics page you can see that which long tail keywords brought visitors to your blog and how many of them were converted.

You can do one thing. Try using one shot tail keyword as main keyword and use many relevant long tail keywords as the secondary keywords for the post.

Trust me that post will go viral.

Better Conversion Rates

As I wrote above, only the user searching the particular keywords would land to your blog. Thus it is obvious that you will get better conversion rates.

Easy Optimization

Your On-page SEO will be easier for you if you are using the long tail keywords.


Long tail keywords make the On Page Optimization easier and the first reason is that you can fit 1-2 long tail keywords very naturally in your post content. Whereas more usage of short tail keywords is considered as keyword stuffing and Google don’t like it.

Long-tails keywords include many short keywords

If you are using the keyword ‘Latest BMW 135i Sports Car’ in your post, that post will be in search engine for short keywords like BMW 135i, 135i Sports Car, sports car and latest BMW sports car, beneficial isn’t it?

That’s it for my list of benefits but I am sure there might be many more to add. I am not an experienced blogger but trying to gain as much as I can from my expert blogger friends.

If you have some more of the benefits of using long tail keywords in your list, please share them on comments below.