Top 5 Tips To Generate Leads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn LeadsBefore you start reading this post, I would like to ask you a question. Which all sites do you use frequently for social networking?

Your instant reply would be Facebook and Twitter. Though they have the potential to get you some income we can’t neglect other social networking websites like LinkedIn etc. I know LinkedIn is not as exciting like Facebook or Twitter but it isn’t that bad. When I started my blogging career, I focussed on almost 10 Networking sites which also included Rediff, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn etc but now I have started neglecting it. With my second site to be launched soon I have again started to put in some efforts back on linkedIn again.

I have also discovered that it is not only a powerful networking tool but it can also help you in generating some leads or sales. With almost 150+ Million members (almost all are Bussiness Owners, Senior Management etc etc.). It has the perfect readymade audience that I was looking for my new site which would be about selling some SEO services. After going through the linkedIn again, I have come to a point that generating leads is not a big task on LinkedIn. So here are some personal tips by me on how to generate leads on linkedIn.

1. Give a Oomph Factor to your profile

Your profile would decide your linkedIn presence, and if your profile is not upto date then you are missing out on something big. So its time to change it and make it par with others. Add your experience in your LinkedIn profile. Provide an in-depth write up about your professional history and your services that you offer so that other LinkedIn Members would get to know your services better and order you somehing directly. A professional looking picture of you is suggested. Don’t add some other pics like Taj Mahal or Twin towers.

2. Create a LinkedIn Feeds

The best part about LinkedIn is that it gives Individuals and Companies a chance to demonstrate their expertise by replying to questions in their field in LinkedIn answer Area. To grab the attention, answer in categories like your current employers or previous employers or your geographic location. To make it even more easier for you, you can create a RSS feed for your answers and use it with any of your Favourite RSS Feeder tools like Feedburner.

3. Increase your connections

It is similar to increasing your Facebook friends. This one is pretty simple to understand and even to complete the task i.e Adding more connections to your profile. The more, better for us. Because you would have wider audience for your products and increase your chances of generating the leads. When you find someone with whom you would like to connect, give him your personal info briefly this would help the second person know you better. Let the person know about your services and products and express your desire about staying in touch with him/her.

4. Share Content

Another simple way to generate leads is to share contents with your connections on regular basis. I’m sure you would be reading something interesting or different every day then why not let your connections also know about this unique post and get some trust. You might also consider to share only those content which is related to your product or services and even write a short brief about the post before posting it on your profile.

5. Search for local events

Look for some local events that are posted on LinkedIn, which would again help you in increase your presence and reach. Meeting online connections are something that I love, hope you will also have this minset. You can also create events on LinkedIn.

Though I have generated some leads using the above tips but I can’t guarantee success to you too. What next? Feel free to comment below and know your trick to generate the leads on LinkedIn.

7 Easy Ways to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

LinkedIn BusinessLinkedIn is a professional tool that every business owner should use. It’s an excellent means of connecting with other business professionals in your field as well as connecting with clients. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect their company’s LinkedIn pages. LinkedIn is still relatively new, and people are just now starting to figure out how to use it to their advantage. You may feel as though dedicating a large chunk of time to developing your presence on LinkedIn just isn’t feasible with everything else you have to do, from inventory management to conference calls. However, maintaining your company’s LinkedIn profile is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. It is an essential way to promote your business. So, here are some simple tips to help you use LinkedIn for promotion purposes:

1. Make the Most of the Overview Tab

Click on the “overview tab” on your company’s LinkedIn page. Using the appropriate field on the overview tab, write a brief description of your company’s history and what you do. This will allow LinkedIn users who find your page to immediately recognize what kind of company you are and read on if they might be interested in doing business with you.

2. Write Status Updates Often

You can also write status updates about your company on your LinkedIn page. These are similar to the status updates you can write about your company on Facebook and Twitter. Every few days, you can write something interesting about what your company is doing. If you write insightful status updates regularly, people will return to your page to read them, and you will generate increased interest in your business.

3. Reply to Comments

LinkedIn users will be able to comment on your status updates. Be sure to reply to their comments to show that you appreciate their interest. You may even want to send certain LinkedIn users who regularly comment on your status updates personal messages. Personal messages are the next step in networking on LinkedIn, and they’re a way for you to get the ball rolling and see if a user would like to do business with your company.

4. Openly Display What You Sell

Display your products and/or services using the “products and services” tab. It is a good idea to put professional pictures of all your products on this section of LinkedIn. If you offer services rather than products, put up some descriptions of the different services you offer.

5. Encourage Customers to Recommend You

Once the pictures of your products or the descriptions of your services are up, customers have the option to recommend your products and services. If you know a customer is pleased with your company, you can send them a personal message and request that they recommend a product or service of yours. When customers recommend your products and/or services, all the people in their network will be able to see the recommendation on their LinkedIn page.

6. Get the Whole Company Involved

Encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profiles and join your company’s network. Your LinkedIn business page will include pictures of all of your employees who are on LinkedIn. When people visit your page and see pictures of all your employees, they’ll be able to get a personalized feel for your company.

7. Analyze Data

Use the “analytics” tab to find out more about who is visiting your page. LinkedIn collects data about people who visit your company’s page and creates charts for you based on that data. Only you will be able to view those charts. You can use the analytics information provided by LinkedIn to see what kinds of business fields people who visit your page are in, which status updates increase traffic flow to your page, and much more.

So, follow the tips above and start harnessing the promotion and business networking power of LinkedIn!

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