HOW TO: Check Your Position On Google For A Particular Keyword

Earlier we shared about finding Keyword Density using Google Toolbar, now we are going to see Keyword Position. Suppose you want to search your site position for keyword “iPhone 4 Jailbreak” and your site is in 30th-40th position, will you search all the pages manually? If yes, then you will waste 1-2 hrs of yours. It is very difficult to manually find your site on Google for a particular keyword. Every wonder if you could check the position of your site on Google for a particular keyword with a single click. Today I am going to tell you a method with which you can check your position on Google for a keyword in a single click of a button.

#1 – Visit SEO Centro and type in your site URL along with the keyword. Fill in the captcha and press enter.

Keyword Rank

#2 – In seconds you will see your position for that particular keyword on Google, Yahoo and Bing i.e all major search engines.

Keyword Position

In this way you can check your position for any keyword. I hope you like my little tutorial.

This article is written by Andy. He blogs at iPhone 4 Jailbreak.