Find Jobs On The Go With Renego Android App

Don’t you think the world has moved ahead of PC’s and its Smartphone’s that are ruling the market? I am sure that most of you will agree with me. Even the big corporate have started migrating their platforms to Mobile especially Android and the iOS which are dominating the entire world. Seeing this Renego a popular job search engine has launched a new version of its Android App for many of us to search jobs on the fly using Android phones. I will be detailing you more on the app as we go through the article.

Not aware of Renego? Let me explain

This must be a question going on in your head if you have not yet visited Renego website which aggregates Jobs from different job portals around the world and brings all in one roof. Basically a Job Search Engine ! Isn’t it really useful? People of our generation don’t have much time to browse through different portals looking for the job of their choice. Renego takes that head ache off you and gives it under one roof allowing you to pick Job of your choice and redirect to that specific job. Leading Job portals like Naukri, Timesjobs , and Shine are in the list of jobs that are aggregated in Renego.

Mobile App for the Younger and Brightest Generation

When I got an invitation to use the Renego Job Search Engine Mobile app it was really eye catching. The App looks to be clean , simple and easy to understand. Now I have been informed that the app is ready to be downloaded on the Google Play Store, you can search for “Job Search Renego” and you will have it in one go. You have the link as well as QR code at the bottom of the article for easier travelling.

Now let’s have a look at some of the features and how to use the Job Search App from Renego.

Making a Job Search

As I said already the UI is pretty clean and simple. I have attached a screen shot of how to make a simple search. You have to do the following of that.

  • Enter what kind of a job you are looking for after clicking on What field
  • Enter where you are a looking to work in the Where field
  • Enter the radius within the where area you would like to get the search results on.
  • If you want Android to get your position then you can press Locate My Position button.
  • Click on Search Button you should get the desired results with ease.
Renego Job Search
Renego Job Search

Useful Menu Options for easier Search

You can click on the Left top corner of the app to get Menu Option in the left sidebar which includes New Search, History, Favorites, Settings , Info , Feedback and Exit option. I think you would be aware of what New Search , Feedback and Exit will do but will take you through the rest.


I know there would be many like me who keep searching for a static job profile may be “Application Developer” near your city. Every time you need not type in., just go to the history tab and click on the search criteria that you have already looked out for.

History Job Search
History based Search


Just like your Music Player, Renego Job Search App allows you to add favorite jobs which can be viewed and traversed easily. Steps to add a Job to favorite List is as follows.

  • Make a Job Search, Tap on the Star hallow box which in turn will start glowing yellow on selection.
  • Then go to Menu and click on Favorites , you will find the Job in the list.

Isn’t it easy ?? Take a look at the screen shots for better reference.

favourite job search
Setting Favourite


Though there is not much to configure but there is a setting option which allows you to change the default language on your App. You can do that by going to the Menu and Clicking on Settings Option.

Setting Job Search
Settings in Renego App

Filtering & Sorting Search Results

Whatever algorithms you write cannot help find the best suited results for each one of us, because everyone is different and everyone has his own needs. That is why even if you don’t find the desired result in one go may be these filters can help you get those. To apply a filter you just need to tap on the Right Hand Top corner of your Renego Job Search App.

Job Search Renego
Renego App Filters

These are the following Filters that you can apply:

  • Location – You can choose results to be sorted out from top in the location of your choice.
  • Company – You may want search results to appear for a particular company may be say Amazon, then just Tap on Company and select from the list of companies.
  • Contract Type – You may be a student and you may want a job which allows you to do it part time. You can select from any of the below and filter out results
Contract Job Search
Contract Type
  • Publication Date – You won’t believe me some times I look for a job which was posted a little while back so that if it is still open then chances of me getting in is pretty easy. You can choose from a wide range of dates to help you get results based on that.
  • Distance – This should be obvious. You may need a job just 5 KMs away and bet me you will have the results sorted out for you.

So its jobs on the Go! Download Job Search Renego Mobile App now form the Play Store.

Social Media: A Wonderful Tool To Build Your Career

Social Media CareerThis is the age of speed and you must take advantage of the latest scientific and technological progress. The top social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – are doing exceedingly well in connecting people. They have won many hearts as they have won the distance. I don’t have a speck of doubt in my mind that there will be no net user on this planet who doesn’t know about these social networking sites.

Do you know how useful these social media can be in building your career? All of these top social networking sites are free and easy to join. Moreover, you can set a wide network of contacts using these sites. You are supposed to market yourself well and connect with people who can prove a great help in the job search.

The most important factor that makes your search for a job easy is your online presence. You must be able to highlight your strengths, your set of skills and professional experience. If you want to speed up your search for a handsome job opportunity, your online profile will definitely make their presence felt.


Facebook has become immensely popular in no time. The reason is of course the ease with which you can operate so many applications and connect with thousands all across the globe. It is so tempting to post something on walls and show to the entire world that sometimes Facebookers  don’t even realize that their current employer can read what the employees type on the walls. Careless use of Facebook has made many job seekers lose some handsome opportunities and the current employers their posts. So, one has to be careful while using this effective medium for job search.


Thousands of influential recruiters all over the world use LinkedIn to find out the right candidates for various posts in their companies. Do create a profile on LinkedIn; fill in all the information necessary for recruiters to pick you up. Do put the keywords of your resumes and your set of skills so that your profile should become easy to find out. While connecting with other members, I would say be selective. There is no need to connect with anyone you come across. Connect with only those who will be useful to you professionally.


Twitter is generally used along with LinkedIn. It can help you set up a widely spread network of contacts and find job listings. You will be able to build your brand and showcase the same before the world. Twitter will definitely help you reach wider audience which would ultimately result in an easy job search.

Internet privacy

While using social networking sites, be careful about the online privacy. It is very important to make sure that you share photos or personal information only with people who are your friends or whom you know well. There have been many instances where promising and deserving candidates could not get the opportunities they were trying for just because they formed bad impression before their potential employers as they forgot to restrict their sharing personal information only to their friends.

Social media can prove a great help in job search and in your career building. It is indeed a boon if used wisely.

This article is written by Jennifer Louis. She is from USA, and writer who loves to write articles and blogs on career, cover letters, jobs, sample resumes.