IRCTC And – A Brief Look At The Partnership

E-commerce, the business of selling products and making money from them on the Internet, may not be as popular in India as it is in the U.S. but despite of that it is still a living and thriving business. The successes of websites like, and is witness to this fact.

Especially because with this website Amazon – an international brand – entered into the Indian markets. Although statistics suggest that Flipkart still leads the marathon in India but that is another matter, of course.

More than half of the population in India lives in villages where there is poor electricity, leave aside the Internet. Hence most people here don’t know that they can buy products online. However the other people, or at least the ones who are educated and live in big cities, know very well about e-commerce and the advantages it contains. Especially they know for a fact that things online are much cheaper than what they are in the brick and mortar stores. Hence they do buy a lot of products online.

IRCTC and – IRCTC announces entry into e-commerce

Indian Railways tourism and catering corporation which is sometimes simply referred to as IRCTC is the department of Indian Railways that allows people to book their railway tickets online. They were making a decent profit selling tickets but last year in March they announced they will be foraying into the e-commerce market.

You see at that time they had 2 crore registered users (!) and their website was getting 1.2 million hits every day. They were getting a large influx of traffic during the peak hours, when people were logging on to book tickets, but after that time the website was running stale.

They decided that they can’t just let 2 crore users come and go. People often visit the site not just to book, but to check their reservation status i.e PNR status. Now Internet marketers will tell you that building an audience is one of the toughest things to do online. But once you have a market you can monetize it i.e. make money from it through hundreds of different ways. But the tough part is getting good traffic.

So here IRCTC were standing with 1.2 million hits a day and had only one monetization strategy to make money with – selling tickets. They couldn’t accept that and hence decided to partner with some good e-commerce company.

IRCTC partners with

IRCTC’s Managing Director R. K. Tandon told The Hindu Business Line that, “We are discussing with existing firms in the e-commerce space to thrash out the details. This will help us monetize our registered user base of over two crore.”

So they invited bids by several e-commerce companies for partnerships. Many companies including applied. However IRCTC felt the proposal of was the most impressive. In July last year they announced that they are entering into an agreement with
Yebhi was supposed to build and run the e-commerce store for IRCTC on the domain name provided by IRCTC. It was decided that’s name will not be published anywhere on the site, neither would be their logos or any other form of branding.

The online store would be branded completely by IRCTC although the store creation, progression and the rest of it would be taken care of by Yebhi. Also to maintain the inventory of products and to oversee the delivery of couriers to the customers would be the responsibility of Yebhi.

In exchange of these services IRCTC will give Yebhi access to its 1.2 million visits per day. The profits from the goods sold will be shared between the two companies. IRCTC will give Yebhi a commission on all the goods sold. And they have a deal that this commission will go down as the number of sales on their e-commerce website will go up.

On an average, 4 lakh tickets are booked on the IRCTC website every day. Redirecting this traffic to an online store would imply massive profits for that store. Also, expects to widen its user base by partnering with the company. Yebhi plans to tap into tier 3 and tier 4 cities by getting access to IRCTC traffic which runs into pockets across the country.

The profit plan

IRCTC And Yebhi

The chart above displays the percentage of commission that IRCTC will give to when the relevant items are sold through their online portal. Note how this percentage of commission goes on decreasing from left to right. As the sub-headings written above the relevant columns show that each percentage depends upon the number of sales for a particular month.

So if less than 2 crore electronic items are sold in a month the profit percentage paid to Yebhi will be 3%. But suppose in any month 3-4 crore electronic products are sold then the percentage will decrease to 2.4%. If you understand this then the rest of the chart is easy to read.

I hope you would have found this article on the e-commerce aspect of IRCTC to be useful. Tell me in the comments below what you think of this merger.

HOW TO: Book Train Tickets On IRCTC Website

Yes, we all know, some find it quite frustrating to book tickets through IRCTC website. In this post I will help you to book tickets easily and with as less frustration as possible. First of all you need an account. YES, it’s simple to sign up. It is compulsory to create one account in order to book tickets. Your session might expire some times if you are not active on the site for more than 10 mins. You need to re-login again. Please remember this simple issue. After you get registered by filling up information and personal details which is like any other official site registration, you will need to click on submit button where a ‘Pop Up’ will appear.

Proceed further by clicking on the validated information and accepting terms and conditions (which we rarely read), then check your registered e-mail for your User ID and Password. Click on the activation link to activate your account. Also, check the verification code on your registered mobile number. You can either Login by clicking on the activation link. (or) you can visit “” and enter your login details there.

IRCTC homepage

After logging in successfully, you will come to the following page, where you can see the option “plan my travel”. This is the first step to book tickets.

After filling in the destinations, date, and quota, click on “find trains”. You’ll land on a page like this. (Train details differs on daily basis)

List of Trains - IRCTC

You need to get familiar with the meanings of the symbols and abbreviations. which have been explained too.

a) If you want to travel in ‘First Class AC’ class then click under ‘1A’ column.

b) If you want to travel in ‘First Class (not air-conditioned)’ then click under ‘FC’ column.

c) If you want to travel in ‘AC 2-Tier Sleeper’ class then click under ‘2A’ column.

d) If you want to travel in ‘AC 3-Tier Sleeper’ class then click under ‘3A’ column.

e) If you want to travel in ‘AC Chair Car’ class then click under ‘CC’ column.

f) If you want to travel in ‘Sleeper’ class then click under ‘SL’ column.

g) If you want to travel in ‘Second Seating’ class then click under ‘2S’ column.

To know the fare of the ticket, click on ‘Get Fare’.

Ticket Resevation - IRCTC

As seen above, you need to fill in your details. The details of ticket, availability of tickets at the particular time and the fare including tax & service charge will appear on the screen along with the payment option.

Ticket Reservation 2 - IRCTC

You can opt for credit card, debit card, cash card & credit card EMI options. After successful payment, the User is shown ticket confirmation details.

Payment Details - IRCTC

If you want to book return ticket, click “Book Return Ticket” and you’ll get redirected on “Plan my Travel” page with the ‘From’ and ‘to’ station swapped. Well, isn’t it easy peasy? Happy journey! Do let us know in the comments if you face any issue. Thanks. 🙂