9 Useful Places To Learn About Facebook Advertising

Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. It is a great way to get the word out about a product or service, it is also very inexpensive. There are a few right ways to do it though, and all kinds of wrong ways to do it. Here are some great sources for learning how to advertise on Facebook.

Guide To Facebook Ads

1. Facebook Official Page – Guide to Facebook Ads

This is Facebook’s official page for helping people create ads on Facebook. They offer a lot of information about how to plan a campaign, different ways to target a specific audience, how to budget and create an ad, how to ensure an ad will be approved, and they even offer the ability to compare different ads and see what might or might not work. It is fairly simple, however it may lack a little as far as the actual content of ads and what will actually appeal to specific niches. Keep in mind that Facebook wants you to buy ads so they are going to make it sound as great as possible.

2. Search Engine Land

This leads to Search Engine Land, a separate marketing company that offers a range of marketing services for things like social mediums, SEO stuff and similar online marketing. While they do not offer much as far as the nuts-and-bolts of how to use the Facebook ad software, they do offer a lot of helpful hints on how to do the advertising the right way. They also offer to do it for you if you wanted to hire someone.

3. Real Business

Real Business is a UK-based newsletter offering advice to different businesses in a wide range of niches. A lot of very insightful and unbiased info, also very general and not much for technicality. More of an overview or Advertising 101. Most of the advice given here is great for any marketing, not just Facebook.

4. Trend Catching

Trendcatching is another business advice site with some great info on how to do Facebook advertising the right way.

5. Seperia

Seperia is an online marketing company. They offer a lot of technical advice for how to determine what kind of ads work on Facebook.

6. Facebook Advertising Marketing

This is a site dedicated entirely to Facebook marketing. While it is a lot to browse through, you will find some really great info you may not be able to find elsewhere.

7. Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer is yet another of the thousands of online marketing companies. They have some great info on Facebook advertising through this link.

8. Facebook Flow

Try to ignore the annoying popup. This site has 25 Facebook marketing tips, which is more than most sites. Not tons of details on each tip, but good for an overview.

9. Social Media Examiner

Another annoying popup and this one follows you, but if you can escape it they offer 7 fairly useful tips. Nothing you won’t find anywhere else, but a good reminder.

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Ultimate Guide To Select Your Twitter Username

If you want to brand yourself on twitter or any other social networking sites, then first step is about selecting a better username for you to brand yourself in twitter or any micro blogging site. The username or handle is your identity. If you feel that your original name is better to keep as username, and then you can do it, anyway here are some of the tips I thought that should help you in selecting your twitter handle or username.

Twitter Username

Before selecting the username, here are some points that you should remember. You can only use characters such as uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and the underscore character ( _). My opinion is that, if your original names is too lengthy, and then try to create your username something short, memorable, something that identifies you or describes your character and easily rolled out in the tongue.

Short Twitter Username Would Be Great

Why should your twitter username be short? Because tweets are of just 140 characters, so when people @mention you or ReTweet your tweets, if your username is more than 10 characters (twitter limits up to 15 char), then people miss your handle very often.

Twitter is growing fast. Grab your name fast – As you all known, twitter is growing really fast, rapidly you get news faster than media coverage, twitter has been very helpful in many occasions (Good & bad), so getting your desired username is difficult, so grab your name fast.

Also you should not be afraid to use your real name. If you find your real name is really a tongue twister or not easily memorable, then as I said before try something that is short, identifies your character etc. etc. If you real name is already taken, try inserting adjectives in front like handsomejohnetc.

Make sure you don’t use numbers like sachin786, but if you have an email ID say for example: sachin90@whatever.com you can have @sachin90 as your twitter username. Also never use curse words or obscenity in your username that lets you down in some case. When you’re creating twitter profiles for your company, always try to keep your company name as profile handle, if you’ve registered or already a huge brand offline, you can contact twitter team if your company name is already taken by someone.

Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Your twitter @username and Profile name has a great impact on search engine optimization. If you already have a twitter profile, by now you might have realised it. So make sure the company name is correctly entered in the Name text box and you choose proper @username for your business. You can also keep keyword rich @username for your company profile.

Try to have a username creative and that distinguish you. Jack75 and Jack85 are both similar. sodistinguish yourself from others. To distinguish, don’t just add a bunch of numbers after your name. That isn’t a smart decision. Also while selecting a username; never select it as if it sounds like a bot. My kind opinion is not to have words like seo, marketing in usernames. Don’t use a celebrity’s name, its lame and don’t sound like a faker.

Before we wind up the post, here are quick ideas for twitter username – You can try put last name first, add underscore symbol preceding or appending It, middle name as initial, smart description about yourself, high school nickname, rhyming or pun based name etc.

Why do I repeatedly asking you to select a decent username for your twitter profile, because when you run into a twitter pal networking event or any other social events, people recognize you by your twitter usernames. You want to make sure that you don’t feel disgust to write your twitter username on the board or shout out in greeting. So select your twitter username wisely.

This article is written by Srivathsan. He is a geek and writes about mobiles and gizmos among other things at Mobigizmos.com.

What Are Press Releases – Newbies Simple Guide

A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value (via Wikipedia). Press release submission have two benefits.

  1. Direct Traffic and Exposure.
  2. Good for search engine rankings.

These two things are one of the most wanted things for a webmaster these days. Let me explain how will you get instant traffic from Press Release.

Press Release as Instant Traffic Source

Press ReleasesPress release sites are basically high ranked sites with high amount of traffic and most of the PR submission sites are also Google News site, and when you publish your press release your submission may get to Google news and for certain period of time you will get hand some amount of traffic on your related keywords.

Secondly when people browse these sites for news and updates they will go to your site as well, but it needs your press release to be well written to catch the interest of people.

Press release as a source of powerful links

Almost all the press release sites allow you to add your links, some allow only 1 and some allow 2-3 links, which will help you because these sites ranges from PR5-PR9, and links from high page rank sites are always helpful, and powerful links will help you to get good ranks in search engines. Also these links are the source of direct traffic.

How to write a press release?

Writing a press release is not an difficult task, it is as easy as writing an article, the main difference between article and press release is that, press release always contain some news or announcement in it, whereas an article is a source of information. So, if you got a news just share it with others and its called a press release.

What kind of press release is best?

If you want to write a best press release then you must take care of following things.

#1 – Your press release must be unique.

#2 – It must contain some news.

#3 – Your press release will be more good if its connected with an event.

#4 – An active even on press release.

All these points need to kept in mind to create a good looking professional press release, so it will never get rejected. 🙂