Access Premium Proxy Servers In 90+ Global Locations

How will you feel when you can hop around the world to view the websites as it is seen from many locations? Awesome! Using GeoSurf you can feel this awesomeness. This is one of the best services I have seen so far.

GeoSurf Sample

They don’t restrict it to proxy server alone but also includes stats and analysis. Using these you can find amazing information about a particular page and its advertisers.

Overview of GeoSurf Proxy Toolbar

1. Campaigns in Multiple Geographical Areas

You can easily get a local view of ads and web content in 90+ Global Locations. The mediums include affiliate, video, in-game, in-text, mobile and desktop applications, so on. You can find new potential advertisers and optimize your campaigns. Real-time campaign deployment is also possible.

2. Change IP Address of Entire Machine

This proxy toolbar also allows you to use the VPN connection. You can use this to change the IP address of your entire machine for monitoring advertisements on IM clients, casino applications, Forex software, and other desktop (non-browser) applications. They offer Direct Connect API to automate their data analysis and QA.

3. Secure Browsing Experience

GeoSurf used a network of servers around the world to manage the bandwidth based on real-time analysis. They host them in Tier 1 backbone data centers around the world.

These are some of the key features which you should be aware of and along with this GeoSurf has huge Advantage for Display and Mobile Marketers. If you are about to buy proxy for your services then I recommend this one.

GeoSurf Plus – What It Is?

Suppose if you want to know about a particular site’s advertisers, campaigns, creatives, etc, you can make use of this awesome tool. Using “Insights” you can also get more indepth data related to this. Plus they will promptly add your requested sites for online media buying analyses and online media planning insights that will ensure their software propels your online media business.

GeoSurf Plus

How GeoSurf Proxy Toolbar Works?

Just sign up for the package that suits your requirement and start trying the product quickly. Now log into your account and download the toolbar.

Note: GeoSurf Toolbar works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Firefox for Mac. If you wish to use this on Chrome or other browsers, you can try GeoSurf VPN.

After that go to User Login tab and enter your credentials as provided during the registration process. In the toolbar select the desired location from the list and click on “Apply”. Congrats! Now you are browsing the web content on that particular location. You can migrate to other locations easily through the list. With this awesome proxy you can see how your websites, applications, etc appear in various parts of the world. You can research new areas for targeting.