You Can Now Find Your Orkut Friends On Facebook

Facebook and Orkut have been the most popular social networking websites ruling the internet world, but Facebook overcame Orkut. Facebook has the option for importing contacts from other Email and IM services.

Now Facebook provided a direct option for importing your Orkut buddies to Facebook. You can use different email account to find more friends. You can also invite your Orkut friends to Facebook if they are not in it.

Find Orkut Friends

Services supported by Facebook for importing contacts are Gmail, Orkut, Rediff, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Apps Mail and other Email service. I love this feature, connected with almost 50+ Orkut buddies. Since I left Orkut long back, this is a nice way to get in touch with Old Orkut Friends.
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Create Twitter Mosaic Of Your Twitter Friends and Followers

My last post about Twitter was the Search Engine website for browsing Twitter. I was quite impressed with it. Now I’m going to review about a tool in a website. This tool is exclusively for wild Twitter fans out there. Hope you are Twitter fan. If not you will become one by seeing this post :D. Twittermosaic allows us to create a cool mosaic of our Twitter friends or followers.

Enter Your Twitter Username And Wait For A Moment !

All you have to do is to enter your Twitter username and then it will generate the Twitter mosaic for you in the shape of rectangle or square. You can also create and get cool stuffs like Mug, T-shirt, Bag, etc using your Twitter Mosaic. I created two pages for displaying my Twitter Friends and Followers.

BTW, another good news you can show how popular you are in Twitter by this Twitter Mosaic. You can add this Twitter Mosaic in your blog. It is easy and simple. They will generate a HTML code for your Mosaic. If you have any other further doubts or questions regarding this, why don’t you catch me in Twitter?

This is a sample output of Twitter Mosaic
This is a sample output of Twitter Mosaic

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