Be Ready When Someone Asks “What Do You Do?”

How many times you’ve faced this question, what Do You Do?

Whenever you meet any person first time he/she asks you is what do you do?

And you simply reply to him that you work as a freelance content writer. Then you kept a silence to your mouth by thinking that person got the idea about what you do.

Frankly, telling lots of people don’t understand the actual meaning of freelancers, they think that you work from your home in your pajamas. But as we all know that it’s only half definition.

The word freelancer is short by its nature but has a very long definition. You can’t assume that people will get the idea about what you do if you just tell him that you work as freelancers. You’ve to say it loudly, clearly and effectively, you can’t keep people in suspense guess what the hell I do. Who knows that he might be searching for your service?  So keeping people in suspense by giving incomplete and ineffective answer of what do you do question can make you lose out lots of clients and new business opportunities.

So it’s better that always keep yourself ready to tell him about what you do in such a effective manner that he really catch up the whole background story about what you do. So in future or in same instant if he needs your service then he can hire you.

But as we all know when it comes to throwing some words about ourself then the situation get too heavy and we can’t get the real words to speak about who we are and what we do. So today I’m just warping up some tips that will help you to reply more effectively and clearly when someone asks you what do you do?

Be Simple and Descriptive

When someone asks you what do you do? You simply reply him, that I’m a freelance content writer, Freelance Designer, freelance developer. It’s good that you went with simplicity but forget about descriptiveness.

Your answer is incomplete and not descriptive that the asker will able to know the full scenario of what you do.

Are you Freelance content Writer? Then it’s definite that you have a niche like SEO, social media, business news etc … then make sure you also mention it in your answers so asker is able to have the clear picture of what you do. So you final answer will sound same like mine that you see below with little word tweaks.


I am freelance writer and I write about blogging and How To’s articles for my several different clients around world…

What Kind Of Problems you Solve

It’s definite that if you belong to freelance arena then you defiantly solve problems of other peoples if not then you won’t exist in this arena.  Like if you are freelance writer then you help people to get the words that shine and define their business in well stated manner, if you are designer then you help people to get there company in online arena with cool style, if you are business consultant then you help people to deal with their business related problems.

It doesn’t matters whatever you do just attached it with your answer to make it more effective and attractive…


I help my clients by providing them content that helps him to shine their business.

State Your Specialty

You able to find competition in every field, even if you are street fruit seller, just lift your eyes and you able to find another person selling same fruits that you are selling. So how can you stop the new dump guy to eat your customers? Very simply by stating some specialty about your fruit, telling your customers about your fruits plus points, and most above of it that you’ve waste experience in fruit selecting  and selling etc…

So state your specialty whenever anybody asks you what do you do. Because it helps the asker to differentiate you from the other guys who does the same thing that you do like….

I’ve been in writing arena for long time and familiar with ABC and also Z of content writing. My written words are not like other peoples written words it really stands out…

Mention BigWigs if you’ve worked for him

I don’t know what makes people to think about that if you’ve worked with big brands then you’ve special talents. People feels like you are some kind of special person with magical powers that you can use to skyrocket their business.

So if you’ve experience of workings with some bigwigs then attach it with your answer like.

I’ve worked with ___ (Any bigwig player name in your niche)….

Mention Your Blog And Website

If you belong with online media then you defiantly going to have a blog or website that you use to catch the fishes from online ocean.  If yes you have!  Then tie it with your answers so that if asker wants more info or details then he can grab it from your website or blog….

So overall answers of the most difficult question

Based on all above tips here is my answer as a freelance content writing service provider if someone asked me what do I do? Your may be varies little bit if you belongs to other arena but you can use the tips to craft your answer based on your niche and expertise…

I am freelance content writer have good domain knowledge of Blogging and How To’s Article. I help my client to get the right words for their business that describes there business in pretty well manner to generate more profits. I’ve been in writing arena from long time show I know all about writing from root to top and I’ also keep update myself with latest trends of writing. I helped lots of bigwig players by offering my writing services. If you want to know more about me and what I do then you can just step on my blog to get better idea about what I do…

So above is the exact answer that you should give whenever someone asks you what do you do?(with little tweaks)  So now you have got the idea what you’ve to tell if someone asks you the same question. So now go in front of mirror and practice it.  Because the more effective and clear you explain what you do the hire chance you have to get clients for your business.

HOW TO: Become A Successful Freelance Blogger

A freelancer is a writer or an artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them. In short, you will work for yourself. A freelance blogger is a writer who writes in blog instead of writing normal articles for newspapers or magazines. The below mentioned tips can also be used for becoming a successful blogger.

Some Tips To Become A Successful Freelance Blogger

  • Have a Blog : Create a blog to learn the art of blogging. If you already have a blog, well and good.

freelance blogger

  • Web Design : Have some basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and XHTML.
  • Marketing : Be familiar with SEO. Submit your blog to search engines and so on. Learn Marketing Tips for blogging and also read Viral Marketing eBooks.
  • Niche : Focus on your own niche and then blog about it. Pick a niche you are comfortable with.
  • Updating : Update your blog regularly. Updating daily is preferred.
  • Passion : Write articles for which you have passion. In short, blog with passion. Blog about something you love and admire.
  • Consistent : Maintain Consistency. Try to write on a regular basis. Update daily. Enable Guest Blogging. You have lots of sites to get guest bloggers.
  • Decision : Decide what you want to write. But, write a topic in which you are good at.
  • Advertisement : Don’t overload your blog with ads. That decreases return visitors.
  • Willingness : If you don’t know about a specific subject, learn about it.
  • Read blogs : You can gather information and be aware of what is happening in other blogs.
  • Analytics : Always check your stats and analytics. See if it is better or worse.

Why I wanted to become a freelance blogger?

  • Blogging is simple : Blogging is fun, easy and simple.
  • Making Money : Here I can get my money as quick as possible. I can receive my payment easily through PayPal.
  • Community : If I develop an established blog, I can reach a huge audience. I can make new friends in blogging field.
  • Blog anywhere : I can even blog wearing my pajamas! 😛 I can work from a beach or from a desert, if I have internet connection.
  • No fixed hours : I don’t need to have fixed time. I can easily manage time for both my personal and professional life.
  • Extra Income : If I need extra income, I can take an additional blogging job or two.

Are you a successful freelance blogger? Share your tips below as comments.