9 Tips For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing CampaignWhen you start a business, to grow it up, you need best email strategy for Email Marketing. Email marketing campaigns are essential element of a successful Business marketing strategy. They help us to communicate with clients and to tell them about our new offers or giveaways. If you want to build an effective marking campaign, then you must have to pay close attention to the message and audience interest. Always try to avoid much self promotional content in your email message. Tell the audience what the exact is. There are some tips which I believe that they will help you in building successful email campaign.

1. Using Email Campaigns as Dialogue

Some marketers use “batch and blast” method in campaigns and they achieve their desired results but however with this method, you cannot communicate with the audience so you should start the message in a way with which you can start a dialogue between you and audience. Include the social media sharing buttons so that audience can share the message on Social Media channels.

2. Evaluate the Past Click Matrix

Before starting email campaign, you should evaluate the past click matrix must so and calculate how many visitors have clicked before starting campaign. You can divide them furthermore in weekly or monthly analysis so that when you start campaign, you can see the results of your campaign.

3. Segmentation of the Message

Now further divide the message into segments so that if a user wants to read message online, the audience can find its relevant interesting segment easily. This will save his time of reading the entire message rather than wasting his much time by downloading the message or reading it full.

4. Focusing on the Message

When composing the message, focus on the message and write the message according to the audience’s interests and actions. Send the different messages to different groups of people according to their interest. Beside this, be sure that you have added all the valued added content for different types of users.

5. Create Mix of Styles and Methods

When you have done all the previous tasks, now its time to have mix styles and methods if you want to test different email campaigns with different types of groups. Keep you data fully freshen.

6. Deliverability of Message

If the message is not able to deliver in the inbox of audience then the strategy is considered to be flop. Even the best marketers sometime fail to deliver the message into audience’s email boxes. Never use common trigger words like free offer, opportunity or click here or any sentence or word forcing people to click on any of the link. This will make your message spam. Read Drip’s article on how to improve your open rates with the right email subjects.

7. Testing the Email Campaign

This is the most important phase of your email campaign where you will need standard A and B test users to test the email campaign. The thing you will need is just to send text email from person A to person B to ensure the delivery of message. You can also test the other elements of message like images etc. Also check the email delivery by sending in-house email group and ensure that all content in the message including text, images and links are working fine.

8. Analyzing the Results

When you have send the email to real groups of users, analyze the results that how many people got the email, to how many users, email could not be delivered etc. It will not require much time as you will not need to enter the large data. Propose of this step is to increase the reliability and improvement of future campaigns.

9. Using Social Media Sharing

In the 1st tip, we have discussed the social media sharing buttons in the message. The benefit of including these buttons is that users if find the message interesting, they can share the message on social media channels. Hence through social media buttons, you can spread your words to the whole world.