10+ Simple Tips To Increase Your Digg Followers

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog.

The new Digg (Version 4) introduced the follower and follow feature like Twitter. For increasing Twitter followers, check these simple tips. Increasing your Digg Followers may help you get more diggs for your articles/blog post which in turn gives tonnes of visitors.

#1 – Complete Your Profile : Some people avoid this thinking it is not necessary, but if you want someone to follow you, you should have a profile which provides them some info. So, go ahead and complete your profile.

#2 – Connections : Let people know you are on Digg via Twitter and Facebook. You can grow your following using this.

Digg Connections

#3 – Be Active : Digg some stories. If you own a blog or website, digg your articles so that your profile looks active enough. If you like to auto-submit your content, check “Import Feeds” option.

#4 – Follow Others : This logic works most of the time. If you follow others, they might follow you back. Mutual understanding!

Use Digg Buttons : Develop your following on Digg by promoting your Digg profile and content.

#5 – Follow Me On Digg : You can add “Follow Me On Digg” buttons on your website or blog to promote your Digg presence.

#6 – Post Digg Buttons : Post Digg buttons on story level pages to allow your site visitors to Digg content directly from your site.

#7 – Digg Widgets : Utilize Digg Widgets to encourage visitors to spend more time on your site while making it easy to Digg more of your content.

#8 – Digg Profile Link : Digg gives you an unique profile link like Twitter. Share this on various social network profiles so that it can also get some exposure.

#9 – Conversation : Have conversations with other Digg members, if it strikes then they might follow you back. Thus you will also have the opportunity to get more followers from their list too.

#10 – Leave Comments : Comment on other people submissions frequently. Comments and ratings may help you. Comment on stories on Digg that are Top news.

#11 – Mention on Blogs : If you own a blog or website, write about ‘Digg’ related posts and ask your readers to become followers on Digg.

So how many of you using the New Digg? Is it one of your traffic sources? Share your view as comments below.

HOW TO: Get Invitation For Digg V4 (Beta)

Digg InvitationEarlier we saw the leaked images and features of Digg V4 Beta version. Digg is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites on the internet.

But, unfortunately, Top Diggers will have lesser control in getting their story on the Digg home page. And it is not possible to get banned from Digg easily, remember earlier even popular websites and blogs were banned by Digg.

I sternly believe Digg V4 makes a better social bookmarking site.

Some Key Features of Digg V4 :

  • Onboarding process – enables the users to follow their friends, tastemakers and publishers.
  • My News – which has all the stories dugged by your friends.
  • Comments – Users will be able to see the comments in the homepage.
  • New leaderboard – showing you the hottest news dugg by your friends on digg.
  • Automatic Import – Users can automatically import stories from other social networks and websites via RSS.

If you want to apply for the Beta Version of Digg, you can apply from here.

Features And Leaked Images Of Digg V4 (Beta)

DiggDigg is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites on the internet founded by Kevin Rose. Digg is going under complete make over and we are expecting a beta version. Invites were sent to some lucky people recently.

The new upcoming Digg version 4.0 is believed to get more social integration and it changes the way stories are promoted to the Digg homepage. In this article I shared some of the leaked images and new features of beta version of Digg, Digg V4.

If you want to use the Digg V4, you can check the procedure to apply it.

Leaked Images :

Thumbnail Screenshot :

Diggv4 Thumbnail

Digg Top News :


Some Key Features of Digg Beta :

  • Has onboarding process which enables the users to follow their friends, tastemakers and publishers.
  • New homepage called My News which has all the stories dugged by your friends.
  • Users will be able to see the comments in the homepage.
  • Features a leaderboard showing you the hottest news dugg by your friends on digg.
  • Users can automatically import stories from other social networks and websites via RSS.

Do you expect any other new features from Digg V4? Please share it in the comments. Meanwhile, if you want quick updates, you can subscribe to our RSS Feeds.

10 Famous Sites Banned By Digg

DiggFor people who were not aware about Digg, it is a place for people to discover and share the best news, entertainment and videos from anywhere on the web. To my surprise many famous blogs and websites were banned by Digg and the interesting part is, the mistake is not made from the site owner’s side. If someone diggs your site’s stories in a manner it gets banned, it will be banned. That makes like anyone can ban your blog. I can’t understand the way Digg revolves.

This is what Digg says,

“When submitted stories are consistently reported as spam and users complain via our feedback email about submission spam, we ban the domain. The domain will not be unbanned. The domain would consistently get reported as spam otherwise. Please review our FAQ (digg.com/faq) for more information.”

Few words from Keith D’Souza, Techie Buzz, “I am not sure why they banned it (TB), but it looked like each and every article from the site was being dugg. I later got in touch with Digg support and got the issue resolved.”

Below I mentioned some famous sites banned by Digg.

1. John Chow : One of the best and profitable blog out there. John Chow makes money by telling others how he made money with his blog.

2. Techie Buzz : Techie Buzz strives to provide users with useful information about technology and the latest softwares, we also believe in sharing our knowledge with the world and have written 100s of tutorials and tips and tricks.

3. John TP : JohnTP.com was started on November 2005 and currently receives over 9000 unique visitors daily and 15,000 pageviews.

4. Digital Point Forums : Digital Point Forums is a place where discussions related to search engines, including optimization, marketing, tools and other technical aspects are made.

5. Squidoo : The popular (free) site for creating single webpages on your interests and recommendations. Even earn money for charity or yourself.

6. Text Link Ads : It is an advertising program. But unfortunately People were submitting stories with affiliate IDs in the URLs. By this Digg banned TLA.

8. Ecademy : Ecademy is about for online networking for business, offline networking events and global networking groups. It has over 100,000 users but none allowed to digg.

9. Paul Stamatiou : It is a personal and technology blog of Paul Stamatiou. It is about technology news, reviews, how to’s and guides.

10. Wall Stats : Wall Stats is a blog which has stunning posters, enlightening visualizations, and a goldmine of great ideas. It has around 2000+ subscribers.

The above mentioned sites were banned by Digg, but some sites were unbanned later.

Do you know any other famous site banned by Digg? Please mention it in the comments!

Reporting Abuse Or Bug To Social Networking Sites

Responding to certain things in online life is as important as in real life. Recently many people reported abuse on social networking sites regarding several issues. While reporting to such social networks, be as descriptive and detailed as possible. It helps them to easily understand the situation and problem. By this they can help you quickly. The more descriptive and detailed you provide, the more quicker you get the response from them. This is my opinion ! 🙂

1. Facebook :


Facebook encourages all its users to make use of  “Report” links whenever needed. You’ll  find a “Report” link below the piece of content. By  Selecting this link you can go to a form where you can specify the type of abuse and make a detailed report. Facebook checks these reports and makes a valid decision. All abuse reports on Facebook are confidential. You can consider Facebook Help Center or Facebook Report Page for reporting such abuses and reports.

2. Twitter :


Twitter, a microblogging website, is one of the leading social networks today. Many celebrites are there too. If you are still not familar with Twitter, consider this Newbies Post ! I’m not responsible if addicted you are to it by this ! Ha ha. Twitter, like all the other social networking sites, takes such reports importantly. Because such things help them to build themselves. I can’t find a direct link for reporting, but users can consider visiting Twitter Support for any questions and other resolved answers regarding this. I got many doubts cleared here.

3. Youtube :


YouTube is a famous online video sharing site. Google like all its services, takes care of YouTube Also. YouTube faces Cyber bullying now-a-days. So you better watch your online activity there. Let it be an abusive comment or abusive/ violating video, YouTube is there to help you anytime ! I myself tried some reports, and believe me, it indeed worked well. They took action to remove that video. I’m happy with YouTube’s help services. If you are having any problems like I mentioned here, feel free to make use of YouTube’s Report Abuse section.

4. Yahoo :

yahooYahoo! as we all know,  needs no introduction at all, like Google. But such reporting cases occur in Yahoo! too. Yahoo! welcomes such abuse and other related reports. I suggest these two links for contacting with Yahoo ! during such report issues. One is  Yahoo! Abuse and another one is Report Abuse on Yahoo! Local . These mentioned links will also be useful while dealing with Yahoo ! products and its services. Flickr is a part of  Yahoo! so you can easily get more details regarding both.

5. Flickr :

flickr Flickr, as we all know, is one of the leading online image sharing and storage service. These kind of  services have more such troubles when compared with others. But  Flickr won’t let you down easily. You can easily describe or report your problem to Flickr. You can do if you feel that a photo violates the Flickr Community Guidelines or someone posting your privates photos in their Flickr account. You can also complaint about a Flickr member regarding his/her behaviour. Flickr encourages its users to report again spam and phishing.

6. Digg :

diggDigg is a social news website. It made people easier to share and discover new ideas and content. One of the leading websites of its kind, if you ask me. I rarely came across reports and other activities I mention above. But if, by chance, you are having such problem, you can send an email to the administrators of Digg.com at abuse@digg.com or if you wish, you can also make use of Digg’s Report Bug section. Make sure you provided all the supporting evidence in the mail or in the Report Bug section. As usual be detailed and descriptive. It helps a lot buddies !

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