HOW TO: Delete All WordPress Tags With 0 Posts

Having lots of categories and tags on your WordPress blog confuses your readers and it won’t build a good navigation path. By organizing your WordPress tags you can fix this. You can remove unused WordPress tags, i.e., WordPress tags with 0 posts. This simple WordPress tip will help you to remove WordPress tags with 0 posts in bulk.

Deleting WordPress Tags With 0 Posts

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Then Posts | Post Tags.

2. Click on the Screen Options in top right. Change the number of Post Tags to display, make it around 100-500.

Remove WordPress Tags

3. Now click on the Posts in the right hand side. Now you can see the all the posts with 0 tags. Now select and delete them, you can also use bulk action for that.

Hope you would have found this simple tip useful. Feel free to discuss about organizing WordPress tags below.

HOW TO: Delete Your Twitter Account

Delete Twitter Account!If you are in a situation or you are under such circumstances of deleting a Twitter account, then the below is the procedure for doing it.

But think twice or thrice before deleting your Twitter account. You might lose your trustworthy follower(s).

Go to your Twitter Account | Settings and in the Accounts tab.

At the bottom page, you will find an option called Delete My Account


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