4 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging About Your Business

Business BloggingBlogging is still a fairly recent development for marketing, and small and medium sized businesses are the ones who will benefit greatly by incorporating blogs into their online marketing strategy. The power of blogging and the audiences it reaches cannot be denied – this is a cutting edge way to market your company, and by reaching out to your local community this way will give you access to a market you weren’t able to touch before.

Blogging can do several things for your business: it can bump you to the top of the search engines, mold your reputation as an expert or “helper” in your field, and refine your ability to deliver a quality product based on different perspectives you will gain through writing posts.

Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging About Your Business

1. Stimulate that brain! The brain is a muscle. If you don’t use it, it will slowly die, and then when you need it, the kickstart will be slow and sputtering. Avoid this untimely death by exercising your writing skills! It forces you to really think and analyze content and word usage, while conveying information relevant to your industry that consumers will want to read. It will encourage you to be a better problem solver in your industry too as you learn to listen to feedback.

2. Become a better public speaker. The more you write about your industry and various topics relating, the more knowledge you will gain about your business. This knowledge will give you the confidence you need when it comes to conferences or even parties where you want to clearly articulate your topics.

3. Go deeper. Blogs have this beautiful evolution where you can revisit old posts and topics and expand upon them. It’s a great way to cover a relevant topic from many different angles, or focus specifically on some key points from a more general post. It’s also a good way to garner enthusiasm about a topic that previously has not gained much interest or notoriety. The point to remember is to expand on the original blog post, not just a re-write.

4. Become a better networker. Using your Social Media pages to market your company is just smart business. But the key behind social media marketing is networking. The online community isn’t interested in self-promoters; if you can establish yourself as a relevant source of information in your industry by sharing content from other users, you will build trust around your own name, which will lead to more followers.

Small and medium sized local businesses that see the value of this will benefit greatly from blogging. It’s an easy and cost effective marketing strategy that can transform the landscape of your business, and learning to stay current with evolving marketing trends will result in company growth consistently.