Internal links Are More Important Than Backlinks?

Internal LinkingMost of them who are blogging think that getting backlinks is all that is important. But this is not completely right. I don’t mean backlinks are of no use when compared to internal links. Internal links are something which is in our hand and you need not wait for any webmaster to approve your internal links. It is also easy and benefits your blog, so why don`t we concentrate on it first.

Ok let me tell you why it is important, I will start with an intro then some SEO Tips.

What Actually Internal linking Mean?

Inshort: Link pointing to other page of the same blog/site is internal link.

Here is sample code for Slashsquare to show internal link

<a href=””>anchor text</a>

SEO Benefits From Internal Linkings

Not only backlinks but internal links also benefits you to get improve your SERPs. Below I have mentioned few SEO benefits that you get through free internal links.

 # Internal links makes search engine`s work easy

It makes sure that all your pages are indexed by search engines. You might have seen that when you search your URL in Google then you see those URLs which are linked more are shown above other links for your webpage.

Well in short it improves crawling rate of your blog.

# Increase Page Rank

Linking to internal as dofollow links will pass some page rank of that page, this will ensure that you get good page rank for your internal pages also thus resulting in high domain page rank.

# Ranking for number of keywords increases

Using different keyword phrases for internal linking will ensure that you will rank for those keyword phrases, thus increasing number of keywords ranking.

Should Internal links Have rel=”nofollow”?

Use rel=”dofollow” for internal links to pass link juice to those pages and this helps to increase page rank of that internal link. If you don’t want to pass any page rank or link juice to any internal link like privacy policy then you can use rel=”nofollow”.

Nofollow links tells search engines not to pass link juice to that website. Different search engines treat nofollow link in different ways. Like Google will visit nofollow link it will not pass any page rank for that link.

If you want a link to be nofollow, then

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Slashsquare</a>

How Many Links Are Too Many?

While Google recommends “not to use more than 100 links in a web page”, Matt cutts in his interview with SEOmoz said that “the number of links to be under 100 is in the technical guideline section, not the quality guidelines section. That means we’re not going to remove a page if you have 101 or 102 links on the page. Think of this more as a rule of thumb.”

So this means that using more than 100 links for a webpage will not penalize your site but it is recommended for technical benefit. As Google used to index 100kb of a webpage.


Hope now you got to know the importance of internal links. Every link in your post should be providing more information about the topic you are discussing here on the post.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in comments.

This article is written by Khaja moin. He is a blogger at Captured Blogging Tips about SEO and Blogging tips.