The Basics Of Launching Small Business Mobile Website

Small Business WebsiteIn this fast-paced world, people are holding on to their mobile phones like they are holding on to their dear lives. This is because a tiny gadget like a mobile phone can help us complete everything we sought out to do early in the day like pay bills or search for a new dentist while on the run.

And small business owners should be happy that their consumers are so attached to their mobile phones. According to statistics, 51% of individuals who own smart phones are likely to make a purchase from a business that has its own mobile specific website. But on the other end of the spectrum, only 4.8% of businesses have a mobile website. A recent study conducted by Google has revealed that 77% of individuals who own smart phones visit search engines with nine out of ten smart phone searches leading to searchers taking action like making a purchase or visiting a business.

It’s not just the big companies which should start diverting part of their budget to mobile websites. Small business owners should make the plunge while mobile use has not yet reached its peak in order to gain relative advantage over the competition. According to eMarketer, total spending on mobile advertising is expected to reach $1.1 billion in 2011 which is up 48% from in 2010.

Paid Search Advertising

Just like on the web, paid search advertising is also available for mobile websites. However, small businesses would be more invested in content and organic search strategies. Search optimization techniques which apply for desktop websites apply the same way for mobile websites. When it comes to mobile websites, search engine accessibility, content, links and keywords still matter.

The first thing that small business owners need to think about is whether or not to get a dedicated mobile website or to just simply create a mobile friendly version of an existing website. If a majority of your customers are those who use traditional mobile phones then it is best to have a dedicated mobile website. However, if most of your prospects are from the younger generations who are more likely to have smart phones, then it’s acceptable to simply have a mobile friendly website.

When it comes to compiling a list of keywords for your mobile website, it’s worth remembering that mobile search queries are generally 25 percent shorter than queries for desktop searcher. A mobile filtering option is provided in Google’s keyword tool which can aid individuals who are starting their own mobile websites.

This article is written by Chris. He writes from real world experience building businesses and closing sales. His company Surefire Social specializes in local business marketing.