Use Google To Embed MP3 Files On Your Blog

If you are running a Music blog or having lots of podcasts, then this tip will be useful for you. You can use Google Audio Player for embedding MP3 files on your website or blog. You can practically embed this anywhere, though sometimes IE won’t be comfortable with this unfortunately. This player has volume controls and surprisingly, no Google branding. People hardly guess that it is powered by Google.

Embedding MP3 Files Using Google

This is the code you should be using,

<embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”” quality=”best” flashvars=”audioUrl=MP3link” width=”500″ height=”27″></embed>

In the above code, instead of ‘MP3link’ use the Audio file URL. You can change the width as you like, but keeping the height as ’27’ is recommended. You can the demo player below.

Audio : The Rapture / Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix) under CC

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways for adding audio files on websites.

HOW TO: Download MP3 Songs From Grooveshark

Big fan of Grooveshark? The online music search engine giant allows us to listen tonnes of awesome MP3 Songs for free. But you don’t have the right or option to download them as MP3 file.

Downloading MP3 Songs From Grooveshark

Using Groove Shredder, a Firefox extension you can easily do that. This one is really simple to use indeed.

Grooveshark Music Download

Just install this extension and enable it. Go to and search for your favorite song. You can check out Popular Music section. Then play it and Groove Shredder will automatically ask you where to save it. After downloading it, you will have your favorite song in MP3 Format.

Not comfortable with Firefox? Then you can try Orbit Downloader. You can also download MP3 Songs from YouTube.

HOW TO: Edit Subtitles To Sync It With The Audio

When it comes to movie, we don’t care much about the language spoken in it, it’s because of the subtitles that are available in many languages. There are sites like which gives you subtitles for almost all movies, for free.

When you download a movie from internet, you might not be having the subtitles for it, then have to download the sub-titles separately, you can also easily sync and watch movies with subtitles. But in most cases they won’t sync with the audio, either the sub-titles will appear little late, or little early. This might be quite irritating for people like me. So here is quick and easy way to edit the sub-titles to make it sync with the audio, so that you can enjoy your movie.

All you need is a very light weight and small software called – Subtitle Workshop(1.04MB). Click here to start downloading the sub-title workshop. After completing the download, install sub-title workshop on your computer. There are no complicated steps in installation process, so I hope you can install it by yourself.

Now Open Sub-Title Workshop.

Subtitle Workshop

Now open a sub-title file(.srt file) that you want to edit. To open you can either go to File->Open subtitle and browse your sub-title file, or you can drag and drop the sub-title file in to the sub-title workshop window.

Mostly the problem will be the time delay, so in this post I will show you how to fix this problem. After opening your sub-title file, select the sub-titles to which you want to add delay, you can use shift and control key to select sub-titles. After selecting the sub-titles go to Edit–>Timings–>Set Delay.

Set Delay - Subtitle Workshop

If your sub-titles are showing up late, then you have to set the sign as “” and then set how much time you want to delay it. Then choose whether you want that change to affect all sub-titles or only the selected ones, and then click ok.

If your sub-titles are showing up before you hear the audio, then just have the sign as “+” and set delay time click ok.

Set Delay

Now go to File–>Save As, now you will asked to choose your format, I use “SUBRIP“. You can find it at the end of the list, just double click over it SubRip Icon, and save your edited sub-title file. Now you can open the sub-title in your video player and test whether things are good, if not you can edit it again.

I think this I will solve the most common sub-title sync problem. If you are having other problems, then don’t forget to play with other options in Sub-title workshop. It is an awesome tool that will help you edit, and also to create sub-titles. Hope it was Helpful 😀

This guest article is written by Praveen. He blogs at If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Download And Extract Audio From YouTube Videos

There have been more than enough times that I’ve caught a song in the background of a YouTube video and wondered, “Now, why isn’t that on my iPod, yet? Oh, right, because Best Buy doesn’t carry the album because it’s not in the Top 40. Foolish me.” There’s always a way of downloading from torrents, but for those of us a little leery of deciding for ourselves whether torrents are trustworthy or not, here are two interesting programs. Even youtube vanced apk are getting popular these days.

MP3 Converter, VidtoMP3 or ListenToYouTube will download the audio from YouTube video (in either standard or high quality) and convert it to MP3 file. A few clicks of the mouse later, you can save the file and drag it to your iTunes or MP3 device. (For those of us who get a little squeamish around legalities, yes, the process is considered absolutely legal if a video is not pirated.)

If you want a recorder software check out NotMP3.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is the most powerful tool.

You can convert entire YouTube playlists and channels.

First of all, you need to download Free YouTube to MP3 Converter app.

Then use your common sense (it’s intuitive and very simple) and get all the videos you need or check an official how to guide on playlist download.

Free YouTube To MP3 Converter

For VidtoMP3 or ListenToYouTube use this steps


  1. Choose one of the programs (I’ve found that ListenToYouTube often works a little faster) and click on its link below.
  2. Go to You can also try VidToMP3.
  3. Find a video on YouTube you’d like in audio form on your computer, MP3 device, iPod, whatever.
  4. Copy and paste it into the URL box in the middle of each screen. Proceed.
  5. It may take a moment or two, but the program will retrieve the file and provide you with a link that shows “Download MP3.” Click on it—you’ll have to do it again when it goes to the next page, but the second time, a screen will pop up to give you the option of the destination of your file and what program with which to open it. You can find several other tools to get audio from YouTube videos, you can download here.
  6. Go to the file destination, click, and enjoy.